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    Ramakrishna Basa
    Custom Reports
    Topic posted August 31, 2016 by Ramakrishna BasaRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Custom Reports
    How to customize a Report in Procurement Cloud


    Is it possible to develop a custom report in procurement cloud application?.






    • Michael Webb

      Reporting in Procurement Cloud is simple and easy using OTBI (Oracle Transaction Business Intelligence).

      We have provided subject areas with all the typical (common) fields for users to create and customize their own reports in OTBI using a drag and drop report writer.

      As users become more competent in report writing they can also create reports by joining subject areas in some cases.

      In some cases, custom reporting using BIP and custom BIP datamodels may be required for very complex reports.

      If you review some of my earlier posts in this forum, I have posted some simple reports for you to start with and customize yourself.

    • Ramakrishna Basa

      Hi Michael, 

      Thank you very much for your reply, If the customer want to use OTBI then need to buy a license?.

      What about BIP, is it a separate license required?.





      • Pam Koertshuis

        OTBI is part of your cloud offering isn't it?

        By the way Oracle Data Visualization (https://cloud.oracle.com/data_visualization) may also be a nice add-on to discover your data. There will be content packs for procurement created in the near future (free for use).