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    Kiran Shenvi
    How to use Action Link to navigate directly to Requisition...
    Topic posted March 10, 2016 by Kiran ShenviGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, tagged Analyses, OBI Answers, Reports, Sample Reports, Taleo Enterprise 
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    How to use Action Link to navigate directly to Requisition No/Candidate Id on Staffing Webtop?

    Hi All,

    Suppose we have a table view as

    Requisition NO Candidate ID
    00123145 123456
    00154387 124567

    How to configure these numbers as hyperlink so that we click it directly opens up the Staffing Webtop for that Requisition No/Candidate ID?


    Kiran Shenvi





    Kiran Shenvi



    • Dawn Phipps

      I bet this needs to go to the ideas for voting.  But not 100% sure.  Great to know how to do this...

    • Santosh Tekumalla

      Try using action links using deep linking URL. This will work in OBI but not in excel export thou.

      • Kiran Shenvi

        Hi Santosh,

        Can you help us with any examples for the same?

        - Land directly to specific Requisition Page

        Land directly to specific Candidate Page

        - Land directly to specific  Job Submission Page


        Kiran Shenvi

    • Santosh Tekumalla

       Candidate File URL:{1}

      Requisition File URL:{1}


      1. Access Oracle Business Intelligence as BI Author Developer
      2. Navigate to the analysis and select the link to Edit
      3. Select the Criteria tab
      4. If not already present, add "Candidate Identifier" or "Req. Identifier" to the Selected Columns section
      5. Drop-down to the right of the field and select Column Properties
      6. Select the Interaction tab
      7. Under the Value section, drop-down on Primary Interaction and select Action Links
      8. Select the green plus sign to Add Action Link
      9. Enter the name for the action next to Link Text
      10. Next to Action, select the green wheel with the orange star to Create New Action
      11. Select the option Navigate to a Web Page
      12. In the Create New Action window, next to URL, enter the appropriate URL
        • Remember: replace %CompanyName% with your zone name
      13. Select the button to Define Parameters
        • Note the URL is now appended with: @{1}
      14. Leave the default values for Name and Prompt as is; under Value, drop-down to select Column Value
      15. Drop-down to select either "Candidate Identifier" or "Req. Identifier" accordingly
      16. Check the box for Hidden
      17. Un-check the box for Optional
      18. Select the Options...button in the bottom left corner
      19. Check the box for Open in New Window
      20. Select OK all the way back to the Criteria tab
      21. Select the Results tab to click on any value within the column; users should now be linked to the record in Recruiting

       Note: For more URLs, refer the Deep Linking Configuration Guide (en-us) available for download at TEE Recruiting Documentation