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    Charlie Mopps
    SOAP API Data update latency?
    Topic posted May 10, 2018 by Charlie MoppsGold Medal: 3,500+ Points 
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    SOAP API Data update latency?

    We're using Chat but not the Customer portal. Our customers authenticate through our regular .com which then forwards them on to the Rightnow chat widget and makes an API call to update some customer information.

    The problem we're having is that the majority of the time, when a chat agent takes the chat, the fields appear blank. Sometimes they are filled out, but most of the time they are not. When I look at the logs hours later, I can see the API call updating the contact a full 60 seconds before the chat even starts, but the data just doesn't exist at the time of the chat. So it appears that the API call is working successfully but the chat widget isn't working with real time data. 

    Has anyone else had a similar experience or any idea how to work around it? Our users are about ready to drop the product as a result of all this and Oracles support has been a dead-end so far. 



    • Vlad

      The chat widget might be pulling the data from the reporting (a.k.a. replication) database, which may fall behind. I am not familiar with how your widget pulls the data, but if it's a report you can enforce the use of the operational database by editing the report options. If you are using ROQL you can specify "USE OPERATIONAL;" at the beginning of the query.

    • Charlie Mopps

      This is the chat workspace and fields on it are from the customer contact. The API call updates the fields up to a full minute before the chat starts, but by when the agent gets the chat workspace open, the fields are blank. Sometime later they update. Sometimes the fields appear correctly, sometimes they don't. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for when they're out of date. I've had multiple chat agents using the same profile/workspace and one will have the fields appear correctly, and the others do not.

    • Vlad

      Sorry, I thought you meant that the data was "behind" on the customer portal. I understand the data is behind on the chat workspace in the agent console. Take a closer look at the contact audit log, see when it was updated through the SOAP API. If it was updated 1 minute earlier, the data should be accurately reflected on the workspace, unless the contact record is already open, in which case it would need to be refreshed. If the contact is updated 1 minute or so after the SOAP request is made, there might be something locking the contacts table. A SOAP Update request for a single record shouldn't take more than a few seconds to process and return a response.

      If after checking everything you still can't figure it out, I would suggest you put together all your findings and submit a service request and someone from tech support will investigate further.