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    Dragos Vilcu
    web services as source for DIPC
    Topic posted April 19, 2019 by Dragos VilcuRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    web services as source for DIPC
    web services as source for DIPC

    Hello ,

    can DIPC (not DIPC - Classic) use web services as a source ? it seems not, as per "ODI Execution" certification matrix .

    Thank you




    • Damon G. Brown

      Correct.  By definition DIPC is for bulk load/replicate, not web services; Integration Cloud (OIC) can handle Web Services.

      • Raghavendra Manchigiah

        Hi Damon

        Could you please advise on what basis DIPC cannot be considered for Web services? We have a use case where we need to read transactional data from an On prem DB and invoke a  target Fusion Webservice. Expect heavy load ~ 150 K transactions per day - or would this better handled in OIC?



    • Erik Castro

      Moving to correct forum for DIPC queries

    • Werner He

      Hi Raghvendra

      You mentioned...

      we need to read transactional data from an On prem DB and invoke a  target Fusion Webservice


      DIPC won't be able to support Fusion Webservice as a target. So this is definitely not a DIPC use case. Although DIPC does have GoldenGate use case that can get transactional data out of your on prem DB, you will need find some other method to push the data into target Fusion Webservice. 

      In other words, DIPC can only solve half of your requirement.



      • Raghavendra Manchigiah
        Hi Werner Thanks for the input. Could you kindly elaborate further in why Dipc cannot support a fusion was target? Dev is done in ODi studio where we can invoke a Fusion ws ( invokeOdiws tool). Can't we export this scenario into Dipc and execute it ? Thanks & Regards, Raghvendra
        • Julien Testut

          Hi Raghvendra,

          The ODI Execution Task is limited to Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Autonomous Data Warehouse, Files and Object Storage. Web Services or SaaS Apps are not currently supported. For this use case you may want to consider using OIC first, it might be worth looking at ODICS in case OIC cannot meet your requirements.