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    Jennifer Bruce
    Intercompany tranaction creation fails with error FUN-720165
    Topic posted February 14, 2019 by Jennifer BruceBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Intercompany, Public Sector, Receivables 
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    Intercompany tranaction creation fails with error FUN-720165
    Intercompany functionality not allowing a transaction to be created

    Hi All,

    Bit of an odd one this, and I am just hoping that someone out there might have some ideas, as I'm stumped.


    In January, I created an intercompany transaction between our two legal entities - this correctly transferred over to AR and AP, and the correct payment was duely made.  This week, I have attempted to do this month's transaction - using exactly the same transaction sources, types, bodies, ledger codes, user account etc as last month, and it is throwing up the following error:


    "The receivables transaction type or memo line is invalid. (FUN-720165)"


    Its the same transaction type, its not been end dated, none of the bits feeding in are end dated, the period is open, and my access is the same as last month - in every way, our configuration seems to be the same as for January, but I now can't create my transaction!  We're on the same patching level as then too (although the 19A patch doesn't seem to impact, as I also now get the same error in Test)

    Does anyone have any ideas?  I've got an SR raised, but I thought I'd also reach out to the wider community

    Thanks in advance



    18D/19A (same behaviour in both)



    • JM Gwouona

      Hi Jenny,


      A. Is this happeining to one transaction or All/Many transactions?


      B. What is the setup in "Manage Intercompany Receivables Assignments"    (Have you checked the following?)

      For the  Intercompany Transaction Type  do you have valid setup for  Receivables Transaction Type  for the Business Unit?

      (task "Manage Intercompany Receivables Assignments")


      Kind regards,



    • Jennifer Bruce

      Hi JM

      Its all transactions from Parent entity to child entity, transactions the other way round seem to work just fine.  So its got to be something thats changed in the parent set up.  All the transaction types are set up, but strangely (given I have data access to everything), I can't view the parent transaction types - they are there though as when I have tried to recreate, Fusion tells me it can't create duplicate transaction types.