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    Attachment Upload Service Security Access for Requisition...
    Topic posted February 15, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged How-To, Requisition Processing, Requisition Web Services, White Paper 
    Attachment Upload Service Security Access for Requisition Entities
    What security access is needed for uploading attachments for requisitions Content:

    Recently, some customers could not upload attachments to requisition due to the error:

    "User do not have access to upload attachment for Entity: POR_REQUISITION_HEADERS".

    In order to have access to the upload attachment service operation, and to the requisition entities, the user that can perform the operation should be granted the following duty roles:

    Role Name: ORA_FUN_FSCM_LOAD_INTERFACE_ADMIN_DUTY, FSCM Load Interface Administration

    Role Description: Manages load interface file for import.

    Role Name: ORA_POR_REQUISITION_SELF_SERVICE_USER_DUTY, Requisition Self Service User
    Role Description: Manages requisitions including creating, searching, and viewing requisitions, creating Non Catalog requests,
    creating requisitions with one-time locations, and changing deliver-to locations on requisition lines.

    NOTE: Our white paper Uploading Attachments to Requisitions Using ERP Object Attachment Service was fixed accordingly, and it is uploaded with this article for your reference.