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    Application Icon missing from Home page
    Topic posted November 16, 2019 by Tino TarantinoGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Narrative Reporting 
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    Application Icon missing from Home page
    In reviewing the

    I expect to see an Application Icon in the Home page of Narrative Reporting.    Cloud documentation refers Application artifact, but I just don't see one.   What am I missing here?   I've attached a screen shot of my environments Home page and a screen shot of Cloud documentation referring to Application Icon.


    Narrative Reporting 19.11



    • Tino Tarantino
    • Tino Tarantino

      It's my understanding that Custom Applications have been removed from NR, but what about the NR Sample Application?     I see a Sample Model  in Library -> Data Sources which has a Data Source Type of  Narrative Reporting Data.  However, when I click on this Data Source, nothing happens.   I can only inspect or delete this data source, but can't edit it.     Should I therefore assume, the NR Application concept is gone entirely, and that the system defined "Sample Model" is all that is remains to support the Sample Library content only.    That's fine with me, it's just that Cloud Documentation still refers to the NR Application.   I couldn't find any updates in Customer Connection,   "What's New", or anything that else to help me answer this question.

    • Tino Tarantino


      I was able to confirm that NR (Narrative Reporting) Applications went away starting with the 19.07 release.    The NR Sample Application however is deployed behind the scenes when you download the NR Sample content.  The current EPM Cloud documentation (as of this posting) hasn't been updated to reflect this change, and this was the source of my confusion.     If you still want a dedicated NR Application, consider using one of the open ASO cubes in EPM Cloud that's available in Planning or Consolidations.   Free Form Planning (only available in EPM Cloud Enterprise Edition) is also an excellent option here if you need more of a pure "typeless" Essbase reporting cube option.   Finally, there is always Essbase 19c / OAC Marketplace.  Lot's of options here.

    • Dave Roberts

      Hi Tino,

      This was covered in the July Narrative Reporting What's New guide:

      Note that this only applies to new subscriptions as of last July.  Narrative Reporting subscriptions prior to July still get the app, hence the documentation and videos are still there for those customers.