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    Ashish Harbhajanka
    Absence End Point URL Has PersonNumber Attribute but it...
    Topic posted November 15, 2019 by Ashish HarbhajankaGold Crown: 30,000+ Points, tagged Cloud, REST 
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    Absence End Point URL Has PersonNumber Attribute but it fetches "NULL"
    How To Fetch PersonNumber Attribute from Absence End Point URL

    Hi All,

    We are trying to fetch Absence Entry Details using following endpoint URL (Substitute your exact POD details as required):


    And while it gives most of details PersonNumber attribute returns NULL.

    Is this a miss and can be fixed?

    Please refer "responsescreenshot.jpg" for screenshot.

    Any insights/pointers would be helpful.

    Kind Regards




    Release 13 19C



    • Mani

      I get the same null too. looking at the output, I feel they are providing all the attributes from PersonAbsenceEntry HDL but returning values for only fields that are present in the underlying table (anc_per_abs_entries). if you see the pattern in the response, you have value for personId, legalEntityId but null values for personNumber or employer. you might want to raise an SR to check with support


      • Ashish Harbhajanka

        Thanks Mani for the prompt response.

        I also thought of raising SR but somehow felt this space is more frequently visited by Product Owners and Development team as compared to SR which takes its own sweet time to reach to the right audience, hence the thread.

        Will raise an SR if that gets faster results though.

        Kind Regards