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    Scott Heidenreich
    Using mathematical operators as text values
    Topic posted June 3, 2019 by Scott HeidenreichBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
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    Using mathematical operators as text values
    How to use mathamatical operators

    I have a text attribute "the choice" for which a valuelist of 0, 1, 2, or 3 can be chosen.

    When I use  the choice = "0" in an excel rule - it throws an error. 

    I also have another text attribute that has ranges of numbers as choices in a value list (>1m, >.7m -1m, etc.)

    When I use the attribute = ">1m" in an excel rule it throws an error. 

    Why is this happening?




    • Brad Tuckett

      Is this a text attribute or a text value list attribute?  If you have defined a text value list with those values, and "the choice" is of that value list type, then the rules will work.


    • Scott Heidenreich

      Thank you for your response. It seems to be working today. Yesterday, it was throwing a "Cannot use two operators in the same condition" error message, even though the rule was written exactly as you  show in your image above, and I didn't change the rule between yesterday and today.