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    Huda Husain
    What is R 13.18.02?
    Topic posted May 24, 2018 by Huda HusainSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged HCM, Security 
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    What is R 13.18.02?
    What is R 13.18.02?

    Hi there, 

    Our test environment has  been upgraded to Revision 13.18.02.  There are different Security  "To Dos" after upgrade for 17D and 18A. So is Revision 13.18.02 18A or 17D? I wish the terminology used is consistent throughout all of Oracle’s communication. 



    • Karen Waddell


      Release 13.18.02 is Release 13 Update 18A.


      Karen Waddell

    • Ujas Bhatt

      How do we interpret that 13.18."02" is for Rel 13 Update 18A? Is there a versioning explanation that i can check somewhere?  

      • Karen Waddell


        Perhaps someone from Oracle can answer your question because I'm not entirely sure how it is worked out.  I originally raised an SR to find out when Release 13 Update 18B would be applied to our environment simply because functionality I was expecting was missing; and Support explained only new clients are being upgraded to Release 13 Update 18B and older clients would receive that particular update later in the year (in our case it will be the 5th October 2018).


        Karen Waddell

        • Huda Husain

          Thanks Karen. That's interesting and I wish someone from Oracle would reply here for us, or Oracle need to use same language in all communication. It's already a lot of work to go to R13 and they should at least make things less complicated with stuff like this.


          • Karen Waddell


            I totally agree with you.  I had assumed we'd have been upgraded to the latest release (18B), especially since all of the release 13 documentation contained this functionality but apparently not.  This is a change to how Oracle upgrade and as far as I'm aware there has been no communication regarding the way they are upgrading clients; i.e. new clients on the latest release and old clients on an older release :-(


            Karen Waddell

            • Sandy Boyd

              Hi Karen - I'll give you a call tomorrow/Tuesday about this (been ages since we spoke).

              Hi Huda - could you let me know the type or name of the notification/communication you received that mentioned 13.18.02?

              • Huda Husain

                Hi Sandy,

                If you go to Settings and Actions and click "About This Application", you get a pop up box with the revision version. I think it's a new R13 feature.



    • Ujas Bhatt

      Thanks Karen !!  I will raise SR with oracle on this and will obtain more updates. 



    • Naresh Gandam

      Even we always have this confusion and I agree that Oracle need to use same language in all communication.

    • Becky Alvarez

      We will make a note of that and I am reconfirming that 13.18.02 is indeed R13 Update 18A. 

    • Mansur Khalil

      Hi Support Team

      Could you please confirm if our Dev instance is on R13 18B? I do see from our application help is this

      Oracle Cloud Application 
      Revision 13.18.02 ( 

      Please confirm if it is 18A or 18B on R13 


      Response from Oracle Support

      You are currently on 18A. 
      The R13 (update 18B) will be applied on your R13 environments during the October Quarterly Update. 
      Although 18B is the second release, it does not necessarily mean the release will be available to environments on the 2nd quarter. 
      Environments receive the updates on different months depending on when they upgrade, their quarterly schedule etc. 

    • Ashish Kumar Pandey

      Hi All:

      13.18.02 stands for 2018 FEB(02), as that is the first release in the year 2018 and in the month of Feb, so 18.02 (R13|18A). As mentioned by Mansur above 18B will come in the month of October, number will be - 13.18.10.

      Kind Regards!

    • Sanjay Chaurasia



      Oracle is overcoming to all these confusions and hopefully will be using <YY>A, <YY>B, <YY>C, and <YY>D for new release.

      <YY> stands for last 2 digits of year (i.e. 18 for current year)

      A - first quarter

      B- second quarter

      C- third quarter

      D- fourth quarter


      For this year Oracle will not be releasing 18D as they are little late in the game for this year.

      so series will be like 18A, 18B, 18C and then 19A, 19B, ...



      • HARISHKUMAR Sachidanandan



        The latest version on the Cloud HCM Show Revision 13.18.10 (

        When Update 18 B was released the version showed 13.18.05 and this was interpreted as R13 Year 2018 and Update B because 5- corresponds to October 2018 and the month when the patch was released.

        13.18.10-how can we interpret this and what could be the update - is it Update 18 C if so how?

        how can we interpret the above?



    • Shyam Singh Patel

      As per:

      Simplified Version Naming

      A naming method of identifying a particular release is now being used. This helps easily identify quarterly updates by adding a reference to the related year and calendar quarter. This takes the last two digits of the year (2017), and an A, B, C, or D based on the four calendar quarters.

      So = Release 13 (update 17D)

      This version will be used internally while the Rel13 Update 17D will be externally.

      Let me try it:

      11 = Main release since the GA(General Availability). FA is based on FMW 11g as well.

      13 = Release 13

      17 = Year (Update 17) 

      11 = November Month code / Quarter A,B,C,D

      0 =   Extra digit

      • Asim Shafi

        Hello Shyam,

        It is December 2018, we have just got monthly patch applied to our staging pods and staging pod shows Oracle Cloud Application Revision 13.18.10 (

        As per your inputs it supposed to to show 12=December "C" (This year Oracle is not releasing "D") but it does not.

        I think we can not find out through the numbering, may be someone can share their thoughts but still appreciated your inputs too.




    • Becky Alvarez

      All I can say is that t is supposed to show 13.18.10 as that is the first month of the 4th quarter in which the update was released and normally would have been update D but due to the Release Upgrades from R12 to R13 this year we chose not to release 4 quarterly updates on top of that so for next year you will have

      Update 19A  as

      Update 19B as

      Update 19C as

      Update 19D as

      So you will not see letters just the month indicating the quarter and depending on the quarter, that will let you know what update you are on.

      I hope that makes sense.

      We did not have a

      • Karen Waddell


        Can I check - Update 19A is would be January 2019?  If yes, we are actually receiving 18C in January (; therefore, is the release dependent on when we receive the quarterly update?


        Karen Waddell

    • Becky Alvarez

      Yes it would be January. Yes we don't give everyone in January, we have so many customer now that we have divided you up into what we call cohorts so some will get it in January, some in February and some in March then we start all over again with where some will get it in April, some will get it in March and the rest in May. 

      There will always be exceptions for customers who are going live, or have other extenuation circumstances and are approved for a delay of some sort but those are far and few between as we strive to keep everyone on a cadence so that you are all on the most current releases as those not only have new features but also bug fixes, etc.

      You would work with your Service Administrator to understand when you are getting your updates.  You can refer to MOS note 1499539.1 for more information about getting started with cloud and who does what and when.

      Hope that helps.


      • Aamir Janjua


        Thanks for the reply, however a question: We have received 18C in January, like Karen above. However we are on quarterly patches, so would actually get 19A in April. and get 19B in July. Whereas you mention (aka 19A) to be given in Jan, Feb or March.

        I realise it might sound pedantic. but just wanting to clarify that as far as I know we will get 19A in April - does that sound correct to you (our quarterly patch cadence is Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct).

        Thank you.


        • Sandy Boyd

          Hi Aamir

          Yes, you are correct. A customer's quarterly update cadence (which will be Feb-May-Aug-Nov OR Mar-Jun-Sep-Dec OR Apr-Jul-Oct-Jan) determines when the quarterly update will be applied. In your case, you are on Apr-Jul-Oct-Jan so for 2019 you will receive 19A in Apr; 19B in Jul; 19C in Oct and 19D in Jan 2020. Hope this clarifies.

    • Shyam Singh Patel

      Thanks Becky for Clarification