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    keerthi P
    How to differentiate between segments of Multi-day Activity
    Topic posted December 12, 2017 by keerthi PSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points 
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    How to differentiate between segments of Multi-day Activity

    Hi ,

    While creating multi-day activity, the activity is divided into multiple segments depending on the duration of task & Technician schedule..

    We have a business requirement where we are sending out notification on task assignment , doing so we are getting multiple emails depending upon the number of segments created.

    Is there any way out to differentiate between these segments like first segment ,second segment etc ? or any flag..

    Kindly ,advice on the same if anyone has faced the issue.




    • Shilpa Shonkhia

      Hi Keerthi,


      As per OFSC’s design there is no way to distinguish pending segments. If you update the data in any pending segment it will be copied in all pending segments.




    • Claus Lemke

      Hi Keerthi,

      with rest/ofscCore/v1/activities/3374 you can get at least the information if your segment is the master or an newly created segment.
      {    "activityId": 3373,
          "resourceId": "16360",
          "recordType": "multiday_activity",     ...  }

      {    "activityId": 3374,
          "masterActivityId": 3373,
          "recordType": "multiday_activity_segment",   ... }

      I could not find these fields available in the blocking conditions, so the approach could be :
      Play back this information to OFS in a custom properties as e.g.

      Block the messages for the segements (on message sending).

      Delay your message sending, so that the blocking condition can use these values !