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    Brijesh Bharat
    Trip planning in Cloud OM
    Topic posted April 24, 2019 by Brijesh Bharat, tagged Order Management, SCM 
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    Trip planning in Cloud OM
    Trip planning in Cloud OM

    We are implementing Cloud OM, one of the requirement that client has is to perform trip planning for their deliveries (shipments). They would like to consolidate deliveries from various locations and then perform trip planning sometimes days in advance. They want to use this functionality without Cloud OTM offering. How do we achieve this functionality with in the Cloud OM offering? Any ideas, or tips? 

    Thank you in advance..



    • Derek Gittoes

      There is no trip planning functionality in Order Management Cloud. Your options are: (1) implement OTM Cloud; (2) implement and integrate a 3rd party TMS product; (3) build a custom solution and integrate it.



    • Brijesh Bharat

      As I had mentioned before client does not want OTM and TMS for a functionality that already existed in 11i OM (we are performing POC for them to migrate from EBS 11i to Cloud). Perhaps they will stay with EBS as opposed to migrating to Cloud. Building a custom solution in SaaS ? then why to go to Cloud in the first place. 

    • mrigank sharma

      We have done a custom solution for Trips on the shipment for one of our clients. This is built on PaaS integrated with SaaS.