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    Analytics Cookbook
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    Analytics Cookbook

    Welcome to the Analytics Cookbook!  This is an exciting resource intended to help with your Oracle Service Cloud Analytics.  How do you measure the value your organization receives from Oracle Service Cloud? What metrics are you using to prove the value of you and your team’s work?

    There are many different ways to communicate the value you’re getting from Oracle Service Cloud. You can identify what trends are happening in your site, easily determine agent coaching opportunities or leverage data-driven insights to find specific ways of improving your overall operation. Oracle Service Cloud Analytics allows many variations on how you might tell your story. Between use cases, data combinations and functionality, it can be challenging for report creators to know where to start (aka report writer's block). 

    Enter the Analytics Cookbook... This is a set of reporting (or "recipes") that showcase specific report functionality and/or use cases to assist with learning or expanding your Analytics knowledge within Oracle Service Cloud.  The ultimate purpose of this cookbook is to help you feel comfortable working within Oracle Service Cloud Analytics and learn new ways to perform old tricks.  There are resources included that vary in difficulty from basic to advanced so there should be useful tools for the report newbies as well as the seasoned master chefs out there. 

    Do you love the Analytics Cookbook and/or have additions you wish to share?  Your recipe is a welcome addition to this valuable resource.  Please find more details here:

    How you can contribute to the Analytics Cookbook

    Examples of desired report recipes

    The Cookbook breaks down into two main areas: Technique Videos and Recipes.

    Reporting Technique Videos

    These short videos look at individual functionality available in the OSvC Analytics tool, including how to configure the functionality plus any subtle tips and tricks. Think of these videos like the portions of the cookbook that covers how to brown burger and sweat garlic rather than the specific report recipe:

    If there are functional areas in the ingredients list (aka list of Analytics functionality used) that you are not familiar with, simply click the link and watch the reporting technique video to learn about that specific functionality.

    Report Recipes

    Report Recipes provide report descriptions and instructions, including:

    • High level description of the use case being served
    • Details of the complicated sections within the report
    • List of ingredients (aka list of Analytics functionality used in the report) with applicable links to reporting technique videos
    • Human readable (PDF) AND importable report definition (XML) files
    • Report screen shot(s)

    The recipes are intended to show the use case (the "Why") and an expanded description for areas of the report you might get hung up on (the "What").


    Basic Report Recipe List

    Report Recipe Description Chef (Author) Level
    Using Report Management Module (RMM) To Find Reports Learn about all the benefits of the RMM tool Kenny Tietz  Beginner
    Incident Details Report w/ Formatting (Agent Queue) - Incident view for report linking into Team Open Incident Summary Kenny Tietz  Beginner
    Deriving Business Intelligence Through Service Cloud Value Analytics A system of 11 reports that will help you better understand your customer experience, gain insights into origins of operating expense, and chart course to improve both. Joe Landers  Beginner
    KCS Answer Citations by Group Counts of the number of times accounts are using answers Jeff Elser  Beginner
    KCS Answer Citations by Author Count by Answer ID of the number of times specific accounts are using answers Jeff Elser  Beginner
    Chat Origins with Engagement Engine Report on detailed sources of syndicated chats. Video demo included. Simon Kilgarriff  Beginner
    Monitoring Agent Inboxes View all open incidents assigned to my group Simon Kilgarriff  Beginner
    Incident Closures by Group Total closures vs. Distinct Incident ID  Colby Ross  Beginner
    Knowledge Advanced - Incident Closure Using Knowledge  

    Insight into volume of incidents and use of knowledge in closing incidents


    Shripada Hebbar


    Intermediate Report Recipe List

    Report Recipe Description Chef (Author) Level
    Oldie Moldy This report shows all incidents that are not solved but were created longer than a month ago. This report can help find holes in your process and/or spot teams that are overloaded. Luuk Schalk  Intermediate
    Knowledge Advanced Questions and Sessions This report allows Knowledge Advanced administrators to gain a clear understanding of the questions that users have asked on a daily basis. Ramesh Manian  Intermediate
    Consolidated Dashboard Layouts to Report on Multiple Metrics in a Single Data Grid Utilize this little known dashboard trick to report multiple metrics in one data grid (previously difficult to do) Mehrzad Kootar  Intermediate
    Social Monitor SLA's Measuring effectiveness of agents who respond to social data Danette Beal and Ben Fisher  Intermediate
    Incident Response Monitoring Monitor the elapsed time since the last response to an incident Jerremy T  Intermediate
    Workspace/Workflow Usage by Profile Shows which profiles are using a specific workspace/workflow. Levi D  Intermediate
    Incident Arrival Patterns 30 day rolling average of incident submits by hour. Larry Chien  Intermediate

    Team Open Incident Summary

    ("Team Dashboard")

    Open incident summary across the team rolled up by group Kenny Tietz  Intermediate
    Answers Not Used Multiple options for finding answers that are not used. Dietrik  Intermediate
    Incident Transactions Metrics Counts Aggregation of multiple commonly used transactions Bastiaan van der Kooij  Intermediate
    Chat Summary w Graphs Chats reporting with multiple graphs to see the arrivals, wait time  and session time for chats Carl Elliott  Intermediate
    NetPromoter Score Calculating your NPS for the last 7 days Simon Kilgarriff  Intermediate
    All vs. Any Using multiple joins to the same table to report on different metrics within the table Simon Kilgarriff  Intermediate

    Advanced Report Recipe List

    Report Recipe Description Chef (Author) Level
    Advanced Analytics for Oracle Service Cloud using Oracle BI/Data Visualization Accelerators  

    Advanced Analytics starter kits to integrate OSvC with:

    Kenny Tietz  Advanced
    External Data Reports with Browser UI Reports aids in leveraging external data tables as if they were native to Oracle Service Cloud. Scott Harwell  Advanced
    Top Keywords Trend Shows the most used search keywords and their trend over the previous period Bastiaan van der Kooij  Advanced
    Time in Status (Transactions Calculation w/ Custom Script) Calculation of time between status changes Bastiaan van der Kooij  Advanced
    Search in Answer Source (Using Custom Script) Find answers by keyword using a custom script to parse the data Bastiaan van der Kooij  Advanced
    Hourly Incident Activity Today Show the hourly flow of incidents into your call center. Bastiaan van der Kooij  Advanced
    Incident Alert Report - Comparing Today vs. Past Submits Alert report when incidents created today breach a certain threshold. Bastiaan van der Kooij  Advanced

    Let us discover the cool, new concepts (reports, column definitions, function usage, etc…) collectively, and help you develop a rounded understanding of our reporting platform.

    The Fine Print:

    • Report recipes are donated resources. It is not the intent to have these resources supported by the report recipe creator, Oracle Technical  Support and/or Oracle Product Management.  These are “use-at-your-own-risk” resources that should be validated and reviewed for accuracy.

    • Report recipes posts will be locked for comments. If you have a question about a report recipe, start a new discussion post that contains your question and a link to the relevant report recipe.

    • Reports that include custom scripts should not contain malicious code that attempts to steal data from or cause harm to any other sites.  

    • Users who import reports containing custom scripts will be prompted during the report import.  If the recipe post does not mention a custom script select no on the import of the script and let us know (flag the post).

    • Reports that include custom scripts MUST be reviewed by an appropriate technical resource prior to running the report ensure that no malicious code is present.  If any harmful code is found, please flag the post.

    • Any report configurations (column/filter definitions/custom scripts) or screenshots should have all references to personally identifiable information (PII) removed and/or blurred.

    • Although the reason for this cookbook is to teach and learn from those among us, some recipes will make sense to be added as canned reports when it addresses a use case across broad sets of customers.

    Bon Appetit!  


    Kenny Tietz

    Product Manager, Analytics

    Love what you do... Do what you love!











    • Kenny Tietz

      Hello Analytics Cookbook Aficionados,

      Wanted to let you know about the latest addition to the Analytics Cookbook...  Advanced Analytics for OSvC using the Accelerators for Oracle BI Cloud Service, Oracle Analytics Cloud Service, and Oracle Data Visualization.  This is an introduction to the starter kits that can be used to help kick start your integrations to these very powerful and insightful platforms.

      Please feel free to review this new recipe with an eye on the value that this offering brings to your organization's analytic endeavors.

      Happy Reporting!

      Kenny Tietz
      Product Manager, Analytics