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    Ansuman Mohapatra
    Approval Limits To Approve Invoices
    Topic posted March 18, 2019 by Ansuman MohapatraGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Financials, Payables 
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    Approval Limits To Approve Invoices
    Invoice Approval Limit

    Hi All,

    I have below question related to Invoice Approval Limits,

    1. Do we configure the approval limits for positions or supervisors anywhere in the cloud?

    2. I can only see invoice amounts directly put in the condition of the rule, which is fine to evaluate conditions, but does that drive positional limit? 

    3. For example if I put anyone in the requester, he will then able to approve the invoice, where can I find that a requester has a certain limit he can approve.





    Oracle Cloud SaaS 18A



    • Lakshmish Rao

      Hello Anshuman

      Please go through the following KM for your reference:

      Fusion Payables Invoice Workflow Approvals (Doc ID 2228918.1)

      Send through Supervisory Hierarchy  Note:2050018.1 Oracle Fusion Payables Approvals Overview

      Send Through Job Level Hierarchy  Note:2041364.1 Fusion: How to Configure Invoice Approval Rules Using Job Level List Builder

      Send Through Position Hierarchy  Note:2050018.1 Oracle Fusion Payables Approvals Overview



      • Ansuman Mohapatra

        Thanks Rao,

        I have been through this documents already. Although it has a nice table where it describes the approval; limit breakups, but it doesn't say where these limits are defined in the application or navigation to the screen with a screenshot.

        What I could not able to see if there is something where the limits defined as per below instruction from the document  that is because we do not have HCM implemented or lack of my navigation knowledge particular to the below one,

        1. Assign job levels to users in HCM:

          • Navigate to Navigator -> Personal Management -> Search for the employee.

          • Click Manage Employment.

          • Click Edit -> Update to update the job for a user or employee.

        So my simple question still remains same if you can point me to specific navigation where the approval limits are defined for supervisors or job grades are defined like in EBS, that would be great.




        • Karissa

          There is no nice table to see the approval limits that I know of.

          You have to look at the level associated to the Job (Setup and Maintenance > Manage Jobs > Click on Job and view Level), then you have to look at how your rules were defined in BPM to see the amounts associated to these rules as they relate to number of Levels.

          You can then manually make a BIP data model and report off of this for reference, but you will have to manually update it each time you may adjust your Approval Limits/Rules.

          • Ansuman Mohapatra

            Thanks Karissa,

            That is exactly what I was guessing looking into the rule configuration.

            That means we define a rule and put a IF condition amount >50K and under that in THEN condition we put to start with lets a project based invoice, Project Manager and then goes up in the hierarchy. Then whoever in the hierarchy they can approve.

            But we do not have a option where rule checks if a manager in the hierarchy has a predetermined approval limit if not then go to the next higher level or reject and so.




            • Karissa

              I'm not sure what you are meaning by predetermined approval limit. The approval limit is driven by how you define the rule and the type of list builder you select (See Lakshminarayan's post)

    • Lakshmish Rao
      Approval has following list builders 
      Job Level
      Approval Groups
      In your case when approval based on the amount then you can set via Supervisory list builder
      Let us taken an example where payables invoices should be routed for supervisory hierarchy based on the following invoice limits:
      Invoice Amount Greater Than (USD)     Invoice Amount Less Than or Equal To (USD)       Levels of Approval Required
      0                                                             5000                                                                                               One
      5000                                                      10000                                                                                              Two
      10000                                                     20000                                                                                             Three
      500000                                                   500000  Eight
      Steps to configure approval rules for the previously mentioned approval limits using Supervisory list builder criteria:
      Navigate to BPM approval rules
      Navigate to the invoice approvals task FinApInvoiceApproval.
      Click the InvoiceApprovers participant.
      Click the + icon to add the rule.
      Steps for creating the rule for routing invoices having invoice amounts up to 5000 USD to a manager:
      Enter a rule name and description as required.
      Define the condition InvoiceHeader.invoiceAmount same or less than 5000.
      Define the supervisory action by navigating to Add Action -> Add Approver -> Supervisory.
      Enter Number of levels as 1.
      Add Starting Participant as HierarchyBuilder.getManager("supervisory",InvoiceHeader.createdBy,-1,"","").
      Add Top Participant as HierarchyBuilder.getPrincipal("FINUSER30",-1,"","").
      Repeat steps 4 and 5 for every approval limit. You must also add a row to the IF component specifying the amount limits. 
      Try this option and further clarification raise an SR with support along with use case to review further.