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    Lisa Webb
    Procurement - Suppliers page "Aw, Snap!!
    Topic posted August 20, 2018 by Lisa WebbRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Fusion, Supplier Creation, Supplier Profile Management 
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    Procurement - Suppliers page "Aw, Snap!!
    Procurement - Suppliers page intermittently does not load in Chrome browser

    Procurement - Suppliers page intermittently does not load in Chrome browser.  The user gets the google chrome error page which reads: "Aw, Snap!  Something went wrong while displaying this webpage."  Right now, I only have one user reporting this.  When it happens again I'll see if I can find another user with access to the Suppliers area so they can see if the same behavior is happening on their machine.  I was just curious of there's any one else out there who might be seeing this too.  We've cleared the cache multiple times, rebooted the machine, verified google chrome browser is up-to-date.  We have not checked IE when the problem occurs, and most of our users do not have Firefox installed.




    • Jim Van Tongerloo

      Hi Lisa,

      That is annoying, have you tried through the navigator (top left)?

      I've just did a quick check on my machine & supplier page on Chrome works just fine for me.

      Perhaps your user just received new roles and they were not synced yet?
      Just thinking out loud.


    • Lisa Webb

      I don't have access to the Supplier Area.  I have two users now who have seen this Aw, Snap page in Google Chrome browser while either trying to just get to the Supplier area or working in the Supplier area.  They both saw it today and have had no role changes today.  I'm trying to gather more specific details from them to help with opening an SR soon. 

    • MANISH S

      Hi Lisa,

      As a trail, try to delete and assign the same job roles (related to supplier master) to the users and then run synchronization process. Hope this error may resolve.



    • Lisa Webb

      Is this a common troubleshooting step for Oracle Cloud?

    • MANISH S

      Not exactly, but this step worked for few cases in earlier versions of the application.

    • Piyush Singh

      Agreed, this is not a standard troubleshooting guideline from Oracle. Can you open a service request for us to investigate?



    • Helen Owen

      Hi Lisa

      We are Fusion HCM users who have just upgraded from Release 12 to 13 and now commonly getting the "aw snap" error message (we didn't get it in R12), also cleared our cache, rebooted, etc  We still get the error in Chrome incognito browser sessions, but don't get the error in IE or Firefox.

      We have logged an SR with Oracle and been told that the issue is related to our browser and local setup and nothing to do with the product.   We are using Chrome version 67.0.3396.99

      Sorry i can't offer a solution - but at least you know you aren't alone!



    • Jennifer Bruce

      Hi Lisa

      Snap! We've been having the same issue over a number of areas (including setup and maintenance) of Fusion Financials - a reasonable number of users have been affected by this.  We were also on v67.x.xxxx.xx, but as of this morning, we have moved onto Version 70.0.3538.67, so I'm interested to see if that is going to make things better or worse.  Its also only come about since upgrading to R13 for us too; I hadn't bothered about raising an SR, as I thought it was just a local issue...





    • Jennifer Bruce

      Safe to say, moving to Version 70.0.3538.67 has made no difference - the first thing I do, I get an 'Aw, Snap'...

    • Helen Owen

      We have had an SR open with Oracle since June.  This was originally put down to our chrome version (we were on version 67) and recently upgraded to version 69 but it made no difference at all.  Oracle have identified the issue and are working on a fix for us.  I would recommend, if you haven't already, to log and SR.

      Our Bug number is:  Bug 28373630 

      Best regards


    • Miki

      Hi we are seeing this on Chrome v70 in the ERP Fusion Cloud Financial - Payables > invoices. 

    • Edy Kurniawan

      Hi, we are on Chrome version 71.0.3578.98 and are getting the same error message in any module.

      I have been using Firefox to get around this as it works perfectly fine. Chrome has been my second option.



    • Nikki Clodfelter

      We have had this same issue since upgrading to Release 13. When I raised an SR with Oracle, they advised it was also an issue with our browser and local setup, however it was never an issue before we upgraded. Oracle advised us to use firefox as that is now their preferred browser, however we do not have firefox installed. It is very frustrating.

      Helen - thanks for providing your bug number - I have now re-opened my SR and quoted your bug number in the hope that with more customers behind it, it may get a quicker resolution.