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    Madhu Chalamalasetty
    Report on Users who have Delegation Set
    Topic posted October 18, 2019 by Madhu ChalamalasettyRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Approvals, Approvals/Notification, Setup 
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    Report on Users who have Delegation Set
    Report on Users who have Delegation Set in setting up Vacation Period

    We want to run a report to see who all have active "Delegation" or "Re Assign" set in BPM for Vacation Period.  Does Oracle has a delivered report for this or there is a SQL which I can run to get this data?  Also, we want to restrict a user to delegate based on the approval amount.  Eg: If a user had to approve the requisition and the approval dollar amount is greater than 100K, this transaction cannot be delegated and can only be approved by assigned user.  We are trying to create a rule but we could not find a column for Dollar Amount.  Any ideas on how to get this done?







    • Ashok


      There is no such canned report that is available out of the box. On the Sql related aspect, I will ask if we have something and revert if I have something to get back with.

    • Ashok

      I have not heard back as yet. I will follow up early next week.

    • Ashok

      Hi Madhu

      I checked with some experts within my team. This was the feedback that was provided:


      The maximum detail you can potentially get on Vacation rules is: Query  users  that have created a vacation rule.

      Below query can be used:
      select * from fa_fusion_soainfra.wfuservacation

      There is no way to figure if the rule is using Delegation or Reassign. The Approvals Administrator can open vacation rule for each user in BPM and review if it uses delegation or reassign. Also, Delegation and Reassign actions can be enabled/disabled. But it can not be done conditionally.


      • Itay Rybalka

        Hi Ashok,

        Thanks for a update. Any chance you can ask about the privileges ?

        Getting "ORA-01031: insufficient privileges" when trying to tun a query on BIP 

    • Ashok

      Hi Itay


    • Ashok


      I have checked this with our folks internally. This can only be run by Cloud Ops not through BIP.