Supply Chain Planning and Collaboration

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    Venkatesh Periketi
    SCP - 19D Updates - Demo Links
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    SCP - 19D Updates - Demo Links

    Sales and Operations Planning


    Report Dependent Demand for Upstream Organizations: Demo Link

    Monitor Late Activities and Tasks in a Planning Cycle: Demo Link

    Copy a Sales and Operations Plan with All Details : Demo Link


    Supply Planning

    Consume Forecasts Using Flexible Time Buckets : Demo Link

    Include Postprocessing Lead Time for Manufacturing Items : Demo Link

    Constraint-Based Planning : Demo Link

    Create and Manage a Constrained Supply Plan : Demo Link

    Automatically Evaluate and Select the Alternative to Meet Demand on Time : Demo Link

    Plan Considering Material Constraints : Demo Link

    Plan Considering Resource Constraints : Demo Link

    Simulate Supply Chain Changes: Demo Link

    Plan for Safety Stock: Demo Link

    Evaluate Exceptions: Demo Link

    Plan Considering Process Manufacturing Work Definitions: Demo Link

    Respect Reservations: Demo Link

    Prevent Creation of Planned Orders for End-of-Life Items: Demo Link

    Diagnose Planning Issues Using Calculated Order Attributes and Gantt Charts : Demo Link

    Plan for Multiple Fulfillment Strategies: Demo Link

    View Order Recommendations: Demo Link