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    Deep Link (Direct Link) to Self Service Procurement...
    Topic posted November 16, 2018 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited November 16, 2018, tagged Create Requisition, How-To, Tip 
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    Deep Link (Direct Link) to Self Service Procurement Requisitions
    Deep Link to Self Service Procurement Requisitions


    This was something I thought would be interesting and helpful to share with you. We recently interacted with a customer that wanted to know if we can provide them  with a deep link (direct link) to requisitions.

    Business Requirement:

    Customer wants to have URL to access and view specific requisition data directly say, from an external system or during email communication. Currently each user has to log into application and navigate to Procurement > Purchases Requisitions > Manage Requisitions > Search, to search for a specific requisition each time.


    Development provided this link that the customer then confirmed worked successfully.

    https://<host>/fscmUI/faces/FndOverview?fnd=%252FWEB-INF%252Foracle%252Fapps%252Fprc%252Fpor%252FmanageReq%252Fui%252Fflow%252FManageReqMainAreaFlow.xml%2523ManageReqMainAreaFlow%3BparamInvokedApp%253DNOTIFICATION%253BparamReqHeaderId%253D<req header id >%3B%3B%3Bfalse%3B256%3B%3B%3B&fndGlobalItemNodeId=itemNode_my_information_purchase_requisitions





    • Andrei Feleaga

      Good to know

    • Vikram Agarwal

      Hi Ashok,

      Thanks for sharing the information. I just tried it in one of our instance but got following error (Have replaced the host name with XXXXX in below error message). Any idea/suggestion?

      UnknownFailure : 
      <html><head><title>302 Moved Temporarily</title></head> <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF"> <p>This document you requested has moved temporarily.</p> <p>It's now at <a href=";6Ab45R3XzJVZ0ipoiTe8U6nv0e/pGdtSDdJAeV2V3dMuQkiNrbDbhqFK1XkRqTPT8afvR&#43;Iyd1233PEh6SB4xjaY1IU1DP4KTku9fg4Ue5SCUOfGrCXmC8grxGuvTIVD1OSn8SDUsUrx6vTz5NnUOlkmlT2gk5bOJabWUBAF8um8ki3XP4g7Vam8dpIxOxQtQIHytoqe8YG8UsbkS53GunjoIOUWH3Tl8G8omqBjif72nYyrvANe9HVl7qhsNwPjNTO/FsLixoTnZq0/jXKHfFaxG31zzhiiO1Dx7uXKg6V6gBcKMquWxOUszS3Aopzy/Pu8gW2tIOhit6k&#43;bRCecCoV13w6LqNKrtgiN61/nLytDEiJrR6hQzJ2koAm6uPhmm1hI44pFEov55W9KSN7dhGT8VDzUOPZfMUkdWlCq8nJT&#43;L3QVCPy&#43;UFWdZhnavuizM8UpOf4y6i2r&#43;tZwJJo08&#43;K&#43;TOw95ZGGS32iyZA37LmPA7Lvtm/lQZNzmq9Ejv3yaYPPbfxYszFF6Jy2tgDqfAOKer2vohAZOPaIjEBJ29TYDWd9CuHuPPpN0ZK1ej2DX1WGwCqVIf4fqC/UwuY7xQKdMFx2syG&#43;LotrmzdamxqtFIwayT1rF961V79Mc3B85CTmjN9n2KgrfWnyS/DqvTqy2a180EqkJ2F3i73V8QqIqvkED771HAbp



      • Ashok


        I discussed this with development and they confirm that the issue is potentially with the URL construct that you passed. So send me an email offline if you need us to review it.

    • Ashok

      A couple of customers that tried it found it to work without any issues. I will communicate with you offline. It is perhaps related to what you are passing in as parameters.



    • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

      Thanks for posting this. Good information!!

    • Sunny Chugh

      thanks for posting , it works for us :)




    • Ashok

      That is definitely feedback we like to hear. Thank you.

    • Ashok

      Support / Customers

      One tip while executing this deep link URL: Remember that the 'RequisitionId' value we expect is the system id generated for the requisition (the 18 digit internal id) and not the Requisition Number displayed on the UI. Recently, a customer created a forum post suggesting that the deep link did not work for them and on further analysis, it was revealed that this was because they were passing the Requisition Number.