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    Prashant Singh Bhadauria
    Changing field value based on a selected value
    Topic posted January 2, 2019 by Prashant Singh BhadauriaGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Configuration 
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    Changing field value based on a selected value
    The Value of the Custom Property should change based on the status of the Activity

    Hello Experts,

    We are currently working on a usecase which pertains to the changing the value of the custom property based on the status of the Activity.

    For Example:

    We have a custom property called Field_Records that holds enumeration value: Task created/Assigned, Task in progress and Assigned task not completed.

    If the status of the activity is Pending: Field_Record should display "Task created/Assigned"

    If the status of the activity is Started: Field_Record should display "Task in Progress"

    If the status of the activity is Not Done: Field_Record should display "task not completed"

    Do let us know if there is a possible way of achieving that. A workaround to the above scenario would also be helpful.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Prashant Singh Bhadauria




    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Hi Prashant,

      I've tried to find a relevant topic, but no luck. So my idea is to trigger message scenarios based on status changes, and update the activity's custom property by middleware (because I think we can't make OFSC both source and destination for a message, which can be the ideal situation, while we know everything about the activity and the custom field values/rules also).


    • Prashant Singh Bhadauria

      Thanks you Zsolt for the response.

      I was looking in the case of using Set_Property in message scenario but as per my understanding, it does support customer property updation. Do let me know if my understanding is correct? So there is a possible workaround to this.

      Thanks & Regards,

      Prashant Singh Bhadauria



      • Zsolt Tolgyesi

        It's seems to be right, but I don't have experience how to use it. So after you find the solution, please share with the others within this topic.

    • shankar

      Hi Prashanth, Do you have a middleware solution in place or are you doing P2P? We achieved something similar to this through integration where we updated the activity post status update. Subscriptions were built on activity status and post receiving the activityid in the subscription, middleware used to update the field in the activity object.