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    Soumya Parhi
    Transmission Control Protocol for UCM
    Topic posted March 24, 2017 by Soumya ParhiGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, tagged File Based Data Integration - FBDI 
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    Transmission Control Protocol for UCM
    Can we use Transmission Control Protocol for placing file to UCM from legacy system ?

    Is it possible to use SFTP / FTP / UCM Protocol to place file to UCM directory ?

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    • Soumya Parhi

      Came Across :

      Loading Data from Oracle Cloud

      To populate the interface table from Oracle Cloud, download the relevant predefined spreadsheet template from the File Based Data Import for Oracle Financials Cloud guide for this particular set of transactions.

      1. Open the File Based Data Import for Oracle Financials Cloud guide and locate the Fixed Asset Mass Adjustments Import process.

      2. Prepare the data in the parent and child sheets and click the Generate CSV File button. The program generates both a comma separated values (CSV) file and a zip file.

      3. Log in to the Oracle Cloud SFTP server.

      4. Transfer the zip file to the SFTP server location.

      5. Navigate to the Scheduled Processes page.

      6. Load the data using the Load Interface File for Import process.

      7. Review the results of the process.

      8. Correct load errors and repeat the process until all the data is uploaded.


      Question : Can anyone explain how to perform Step 6 , so that it fetches the file from SFTP Location ?

    • Mitul Vanpariya

      Hi Soumya,

      Did you get the any workaround,

      if yes, Please share the details.




    • Soumya Parhi

      Hi Mitul,

      No help as of now ...



    • Saravanan Thirunavukkarasu


      You can checkin the code using Remote IntraDoC checkin which will upload the file to UCM and refer the contentId in importAndLoadData process parameter 



    • Soumya Parhi

      Hi Saravanan,

      Thanks a bunch , I trust this will work unfortunately unable to download : oracle-ridc-client-10g.jar

      Can you please check if you can download this from OTN ?

      Good day !



    • Soumya Parhi

      I am sorry if clicking on the link it takes me no where but an error page.

      If you can share the screen shot of the path and URL or the file it will surely help.