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    Baljeet Singh
    Object Event Handler Could Not Deploy or Save
    Topic posted February 7, 2019 by Baljeet SinghRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Object Event Handler Could Not Deploy or Save
    CPM Process Failed To Save/Deploy Object Event Handler

    I am not able to save object event handler using Process Designer. I uploaded PHP file and then try to save it after I test. It gives me error message "Limit Exceeded - Test Execution Must Complete in Less Than 157.000000 s"  I am sharing the screenshot.

    What is the average time limit to execute/save object event handler for testing & for deploy ?

    How can we increase their time limit to save/deploy object event handler. 

    Thanks in Advance

    Oracle Service Cloud August 2017



    • Tushar Gupta

      Hi Baljeet,


      The execution time limit depends on which type of execution you want to do whether synchronous or asynchronous. Both have different time limits. 

      Synchronous execution of an Object Event Handler has a strict time limit of 5 seconds.

      Asynchronous execution of an Object Event Handler has a time limit of 157 seconds of processing time.

      For more details refer to the answer::



      Tushar Gupta

    • Baljeet Singh

      Thanks Tushar for your reply.

      In my case, It was Asynchronous execution of object event handler. As per error description, it is clear that time limit for Asynchronous execution is 157 seconds.

      My question is how to prevent this error ? Can we configure processing time for synchronous or asynchronous execution in OSvC ?