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    Migara Hewapathirana
    What is cloud at customer ?
    Topic posted August 27, 2018 by Migara HewapathiranaRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Exadata 
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    What is cloud at customer ?


    Can someone explain what is Oracle cloud at customer ?

    Can the Oracle ERP cloud ( Financials cloud, Procurement cloud, etc) be enabled with Oracle cloud at customer infrastructure as well ?

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    • Alex_D_Oracle

      This page is a good start, please tell if this answers your questions :



      • Migara Hewapathirana

        Thanks Alex !

        Can you please let me know whether any SaaS service from Oracle can be enabled with cloud at customer ?

        e.g- Can we also enable any CX cloud ( link ecommerce cloud ) also be enabled within cloud at customer ?

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        • Alex_D_Oracle


          The following SaaS products are currently available as C@C:

          Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Capital Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Supply Chain Management. Please keep in mind these are not "enabled" on top of an existing Cloud at Customer subscription but are sold on their own as a completely managed package SaaS+Platform+hardware racks.

          If you need more details, please engage Oracle Sales, they will help you to better qualify this.


    • Sailaja Pasupuleti
    • Karina Ledesma

      Exadata Cloud at customer: Exadata Cloud Machine sits at the customer's data center, behind the customer firewall, the customer subscribes and Oracle manage the cloud machine. Exadata Cloud Machine brings all benefits of Exadata, all benefits of the cloud, all DB options, the difference is that it sits on customer data center, behind their firewall and Oracle manage the cloud machine.