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    Kenny Tietz
    How You Can Contribute to the Analytics Cookbook
    Topic posted January 13, 2017 by Kenny TietzBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
    How You Can Contribute to the Analytics Cookbook

    Do you like the Analytics Cookbook? Are you picking up some new skills? Do the use cases have you thinking about new reporting possibilities you previously had not thought of?  Have you impressed your boss with the new level of data-driven insights you can provide?

    Based on initial feedback we’ve received, the Analytics Cookbook is helping you be more successful in your roles and helping organizations realize more value from Service Cloud. BUT we aren’t done yet, and we need your help to get there!

    We officially opening up the Analytics Cookbook for contributors to help accomplish this expansion.  Although it takes some time create and publish a report recipe, the benefits to you and to the community are numerous.  We’re not asking you to build dozens of report recipes.  Just one or two would be a fabulous addition! 

    Specifically, we’re looking for your help adding report recipes to the Analytics Cookbook.

    What’s In It For You:

    • Solidify your report: As you spend time reflecting on your candidate report (either an already existing or new report you are thinking of) you may find a new and different way to paint an intuitive picture that jumps right out at you.

    • Give back: If someone (e.g. colleague, community member, Analytics Cookbook) helped you learn Analytics functionality, solve a difficult question or build a critical report, this is a way you can pay it forward.  Every one of the existing recipes in the Analytics Cookbook have helped members get their creative juices flowing.  Your recipe is a welcome addition to the community that will be much appreciated by others!

    • Teach and learn:  Writing up a report recipe helps you to fully understand your report from front to back.  Teaching others with your recipe can be one of the best ways to learn new things yourself. 

    • Be recognized for your contribution:  Report recipes are tied to author’s Chef’s community profile, listed on the Analytics Cookbook page and included in Analytics Cookbook promotions. Did I mention the Analytics Cookbook is racking up the views and accolades? So some nice visibility and an ego boost are implicit! ;)

    • Build your network:  Members who give back to the Community receive more enthusiastic help from other community members when they have a problem or question.

    • Get more reporting use cases to learn from: As 2016 Community All-Star Barrilito said, “We have all the ingredients here amongst the Community.” The more we share, the more benefits we all get to reap.

    Whether you’re cooking up beginner reports, testing intermediate reports or taking the leap into advanced reporting, we need your help in building out use case variety that we can all learn from. Even if you feel like your reports are pretty common, we need those too! In fact, we have a list of Desired Report Recipes--commonly used custom reports we would love to have report recipes for. 


    How to Contribute a Report Recipe

    In order to turn a report into a report recipe, follow these steps:

    1. After using report on your site and ensuring it’s working as expected, break down the steps that you took to create this report.
    2. Plug the steps, screenshots, descriptions, etc. into the attached report recipe template. Reference published report recipes to get a sense of the structure and detail included.
    3. Email your Report Recipe Word doc, PDF report definition and XML report definition (Please send all of these as a zip file) to Community Manager Erica (
    4. From there, our Analytics team will review your report recipe and provide feedback or approve it to be published.

    We know the “collective community brain” has this information. Whether you’re an employee, partner or customer, we invite you to join us in growing the Analytics Cookbook into a robust repository of reporting use cases to help everyone be more successful with Service Cloud.