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    Item visible in the Shopping page in English but not visible...
    Topic posted August 5, 2018 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited August 6, 2018, tagged FAQ, How-To, Inventory Cloud, Requisition Processing, Tip 
    Item visible in the Shopping page in English but not visible in a different language
    Why am I unable to view an item in a language other than English

    Problem Statement:

    Customer is trying to Shop from Catalog using option Shop by Category. When he is logged in a language other than English, the list of values for the Shop by Category hierarchy is blank (Categories)

    Approach for resolution:

    Review whether the master item or agreement which is searchable in English is also searchable in the desired language. If not,then the issue is with translation.
    a. Master Item is searchable in one language but it is not in different languages: 
    Translate the item in different languages using UI or Item Bulk Upload 
    How to translate the item in PIM work area: 
    1. Select the session language in login page before logging into PIM work area. 
    2. Navigate to `Product Information Management¿ 
    3. Click the task `Manage Items¿ 
    4. Provide the organization name and item number and then search 
    5. Edit the item, edit the item description, and save it. 
    How to translate the item in different languages using bulk upload: 
    1.   Login to system. 
    2.   Change Default and Session language using User preferences to required language. Save 
    3.   Go to Tools -> Scheduled Process from Navigator menu. 
    4.   Go to Tools -> File Import and Export 
    5.   Upload the FBDI template for Item Data into account scm/item/import 
    6.   Go to Tools -> Schedule New Process 
    7.   Select job "Load Interface File for Import" and select the Import Process  as "Item Import" and Data File as the file uploaded in step#5 
    8.   Hit Submit 
    b. BPA Item is searchable in one language but not in others:
    Check Point 1: Profile option "Load Items in all Languages" has to be set. 
    How to set the profile option: 
    1. Login into FSM 
    2. Search for the task ¿Manage Administrator Profile Values¿ 
    3. Search for the profile option "Load Items in all Languages" 
    4. Create a row at site level and provide the appropriate value. 
    Check point 2: 
    Create a new agreement after setting the profile option. If it is an old agreement, then a change order should be created. Use the Upload Lines feature to update lines of an agreement in the language which the user created purchase order. There is no need to create it in a different session. 
    How to update lines using upload lines feature:
    1.     Open existing agreement and click edit in actions menu.   
    2.     Click Ok on change order popup and provide description in headers region 
    3.     Go to lines table --> Actions --> Upload Lines -->   
    4.     Select File Type as 'Tab-delimited Text' --> Provide the file (Note: Provide Action as Sync). Click Submit   
    5.     Once the upload status is completed. Then edit the change order and then submit the change order. 
    While I do endeavor to seek feedback on the usefulness of this article, I also want feedback on whether any of you have any suggestions to make on these ideas here. Any feedback is welcome.