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    Oswaldo Galán
    The Shipment Number is not generated when I return a...
    Topic posted July 11, 2019 by Oswaldo GalánRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Internal Material Transfer, Inventory Cloud, Manage Procurement Catalog, SCM, Supply Chain Orchestration 
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    The Shipment Number is not generated when I return a Purchase Order

    When I return a Purchase Order from the "Return Receipts" screen and go to the "Manage Shipment Lines" screen for "Stage" status but without a Shipment Number.
    Do you know what is the configuration or function to generate a Shipment Number automatically when the return is made?





    • Edgar Martinez

      I have the same doubt

    • Lynn Warneka

      I would review the product documentation (link below) for Returns to Supplier Transactions with Shipping Documents.   I would make sure you are following all the steps outlined in step 2.   Specifically those steps listed in the documentation are:    The shipping manager searches for the return transactions, assigns the return to supplier lines to shipments, and performs ship confirm.    Other than following those steps, there isn't a setup to make the shipment number appear automatically.