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    Sunil Dabekar
    Pre-Paid Sales order Feature
    Topic posted September 2, 2018 by Sunil DabekarGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Order Management, SCM 
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    Pre-Paid Sales order Feature
    Pre-Paid Sales order Feature

    Hello Experts,

    I would like to know if there is any out of the box feature to support Pre-paid order.

    Eg. Certain customer/ orders need to pay upfront for an order and until such time the order should not be processed. 

    Also, the order and the invoice and the deposit/advances need to have link to each other.

    Any inputs to this would be of much help and appreciated.






    • Zia Ansari

      Hi Sunil,

      Perhaps you can try customizing the orchestration process and put 'Create Invoice' & 'Wait for Invoice' steps before 'Create Shipment Request' and 'Wait for Shipment Advice'. Let us know if that works.



      • Sunil Dabekar
        Thanks for your inputs Zia. I was checking if there was any out of the box
        feature to handle deposits/pre-pay process.
    • Prasad Kinkar

      Hi Zia,

      I believe Sunil is looking for -

      Order Capture - 10% (example) Advance Payment - Hold fulfillment flow till payment is credited - Schedule - Reserve - Pick - Ship - Invoice (Showing 10% advance and net pay as 90%) - AR receipt (90%) and then receipts reconciliation for closing invoice.

      One thing is - it needs new orchestration steps..

      The point is - can we perform this end-to-end in cloud from capability standpoint? If yes, do we have documentation available for this.