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    Clare Farris
    Configuration question for cash management
    Topic posted August 6, 2019 by Clare FarrisRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited August 6, 2019, tagged Cash Management 
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    Configuration question for cash management
    Configuration question for cash management


    I wasn't involved in the original configuration of our cash management system and I'm looking for advice on how to add additional information on the manual reconciliation screen.

    Bank statement lines

    1) Is it possible to bring in the bank transaction code description as a separate column other than under additional information (as this includes additional details making it hard to filter), or

    2) Does the transaction type come from the bank file or is this mapped to the transaction code somewhere so I could change the transaction type configuration so rather than having multiple bank codes listed as EFT I can set up 'EFT - Merchant Deposit' or 'EFT - Transfer of Funds'

    System transactions

    Currently we have no way to distinguish between EFTs and cheque deposits coming from AR other than the reference number or transaction number which again is hard to filter. Is there a way to bring in the receipt method from AR into the Transaction Type? 



    R13 - 19B



    • Logan Wacker

      Under Manage Bank Statement Transaction Codes configuration task you can assign the transaction type to the BAI code which greatly helps recon. You can also use the parser to store the data in other columns to then use for recon.

      • Clare Farris

        Thanks Logan.

        Under 'Manage bank statement transaction codes' the transaction type is selected from a drop down list. Am I able to add to that drop down list or do you mean use the information under 'Family' and 'Sub Family'?

        What is the parser?

        • Clare Farris

          I found 'Manage parse rule sets' but it doesn't let me edit those.  What are the 'Source field' and 'target field'?


    • Glen Ryen

      Hi Clare,

      'Source Field' is where you want to parse the information from, 'Target Field' is where you want to place the parsed result.  Generally you're parsing from 'Additional Entry Information' and putting the result in fields like 'Reconciliation Reference' (for payment numbers, flowing to AutoReconciliation like Logan said).  I've also used 'Counterparty bank account' as a 'Target Field' for internal transfers initiated on the bank website, with that field then being used in some Bank Statement Transaction Creation Rules to account for that activity the following day in Oracle.  But the flexibility is there to parse the data to a lot of different target fields.

      Hope that helps,