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    Paul Fernandez
    Functionality Differences Between Projects and Grants...
    Topic posted October 18, 2019 by Paul FernandezBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Capital Projects, Grants Management, Project Billing & Revenue, Project Contracts, Project Costing 
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    Functionality Differences Between Projects and Grants Accounting
    Functionality Differences Between Projects and Grants Accounting

    Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone know of any documentation from Fusion of the differences between Projects Vs Grants.
    Here is a link  to an old documentation of Grants from EBS that lists the differences as to what is supported vs not supported in Projects Vs Grants (sample of what I am looking for).
    Functionality Differences Between Projects and Grants Accounting

    I am looking for something similar in Fusion to have better understanding of what is supported and not in Grants Vs Projects in Fusion.

    Any help would be appreciated.





    • Anandhan Erulappan

      Hello Paul Fernandez,

      Having a Oracle Provided Document would be great to have in handy for a better learning purposes. However, we will be having Implementation & User Guides to understand what is PPM & Grants and in which cases we are going to use it for.

      Appreciate if this has been developed.



      • Paul Fernandez


        While trying to implement/use a particular feature in Grants, we learn the hard way it is not supported in Grants.

        For example, OTL is not supported by Grants. There is no mention anywhere in the documentation, it is not supported and everyone expects, just like in Projects, it is supported. There are no fields in OTL for Contract and Funding Source. If you only have one award/contract funding the project, you can create the time card and import it into Projects and it will work. However, if you have multi funding for Projects, it will not work because there is no place to put the Contract or Funding Source.

        I am looking for some documentation that states what is supported and what is not just like in EBS so that we don't have to painstakingly go through the process of trying to implement and finally realize it does not work.

        It is nothing unusual. I already posted the link for similar documentation in EBS. All that is needed is someone from Fusion PPM development group creating a document that states what is supported in Projects Vs Grants using the format from the prior documentation for EBS.

        Hope it is clear.

        • John Kostecki

          As of 19D release OTL now supports Contract and Funding source fields.  See What's New document for more details:

          • Paul Fernandez


            Thank you very much for the update and the info. I have not seen any such info in any of Projects Release updates. How are we supposed to know it as part of the Projects/Grants feature if I am following Projects Release updates?

            Getting this info is good. But, this way, we are getting info in bits and pieces. Is there any documentation as I was referring to in my post, that shows what is supported in Projects Vs Grants in Fusion. It will be a very useful thing to have in one place. I hope you understand my point.




        • Anandhan Erulappan

          Exactly Paul !

          That would be grateful ! Also, we are missing the productivity by spending time on it. Create this as a Idea and we all support and push forward to oracle's development team to consider.

          Appreciate it yes

    • John Kostecki

      Since this is an OTL enhancement it is not included in Projects release readiness materials. We will look into publishing a document that identifies projects functionality that is impacted if utilizing Grants.