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    Alison McClure
    Watch Newly Available 2019 (19C) Readiness Training...
    Announcement posted July 23, 2019 by Alison McClureSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Architecture, BI, Engagement Cloud, Enterprise Planning, Financials, Fusion, General, Global HR, HCM, HCM Customization Solutions, HCM Midsize - TBE, Maintenance, Marketing, Other, Release, SCM, Talent, Upgrade, UX, Workforce Management, Workforce Rewards 
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    Watch Newly Available 2019 (19C) Readiness Training - Oracle Cloud Applications Readiness

    Want to easily find the Readiness Training hat has become available in the last 60 days?

    Here it is.

    rrlogo2.png Latest Readiness Training

    Cloud Apps Super Users

    Want to know what readiness training has become available in the last 60 days? Here it is.


    Check out the latest training

    Let our Product Managers guide you through what's new in their products.

    Hear in-depth descriptions of the latest functionality

    See demos of the new, exciting features in action

    Understand best practices to help maximize the benefits to your organization



    New Videos in:

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    • MallikarjunRao Kothapalli

      Hi Allison

      Thanks for sharing the document. Really beneficial.



    • Edwin Martinez

      No Taleo Learn???

    • Pradeep Venteru

      Hello All,

      We're getting patched on August 2nd. Are there any early adopters to share feedback or lessons learned on 19C yet? Or August2nd is the first deployment for 19C?

      We are preparing Training Exercises for our team and just wondering if there a demo environment with 19C to try a few new features before we get patched in TEST?




    • Alison McClure

      Hi Edwin,

      I checked with the Taleo Learn product management team and the New Feature Summary is available now and they expect the What's New deliverable to be available soon.


    • Edwin Martinez

      Thank you Alison! That's great news :)

    • Farooq Haider Syed, PMP

      Thanks for sharing.

    • Alison McClure

      Hi Pradeep,

      Apologies for the delay. I have the answers for you:

      August 2019 is the first deployment of 19C to the fleet.  From early testing, there were a few issues raised and are included in the the updates received with 19C.

      Unfortunately, there are no testing sites where releases can be accessed ahead of your planned maintenance.