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    Oracle Self Service Procurement Cloud: How is Approval...
    Topic posted May 9, 2018 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Approvals/Notification, FAQ, How-To 
    Oracle Self Service Procurement Cloud: How is Approval Priority determined and applied on Requisition Approvals?
    How are Approval Priorities determined and applied on Requisition Approvals?

    What is Approvals Priority and how is it used:

    Approvals priority determines the order in which approvers appear in a transaction's approver list. The priority accorded to an approver determines how and when that approver receives a notification for approval

    The approval priority works as follows:

    a) The approvals engine determines the list of approvers based on the rules with conditions that evaluate to 'True' for a given transaction i.e. Requisition Approval

    b) The list of approvers once identified will then be arranged in order of priority, beginning with the highest priority receiving the notification first and working downwards

    c) If two or more rules contain the same priority, then the approvers for these rules will be notified in a random sequence

    To summarize, every rule that has a priority set to it (High, Medium etc.) is used during approvals evaluation. All approvers are listed based on this priority for those rules that are evaluated successfully on a given transaction.