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    Federico Samyn Dowie
    Is there a way to pass parameters to an Infolet?
    Topic posted February 1, 2019 by Federico Samyn DowieBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged BI Publisher, Fusion Financial reporting, Fusion Procurement reporting, OTBI, Reports 
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    Is there a way to pass parameters to an Infolet?
    Need to convert a report that passes a parameter into an infolet so I can easily share it with many users that are not familiar with running BI Publisher reports

    Hello, I would like to create an Infolet that returns one row after a parameter is passed. This is for end users not familiar with running BI Reports so I thought a user-defined infolet would be ideal for them. The challenge is that I couldn't find any tutorial online that shows me how to pass a parameter to an infolet. Maybe that is not possible? 

    My alternative is to create a dashboard with a prompt but I found it more challenging to share it with users than infolets. 

    Does anybody not how either I can create infolets that allow passing parameters or a way to share dashboards with users where they can run them without access to BI Publisher?






    • Soumya Parhi

      Hi Fede,

      Change your tabular report to a Pivot Table and it will be accommodated as an infolet.

      Alternatively , create BIP and embed it in a custom page.





      • Federico Samyn Dowie

        Hi Soumya, 

        Thanks for you reply. I tried converting the Analysis to a Pivot Table and although I can show the outcome in an Infolet I still don't get prompted to enter the parameter. I tried by both creating a Prompt for the Analysis and from within the Pivot Table but no luck. 

        Could you please elaborate the suggested alternative of using a custom page?



    • Amarnath Govindu

      Hi Fede,

      1. Create a Dash Board Prompt

      2. Create a BIP report with a parameter name same as Prompt.

      3. Create a Dashboard with new Prompt and report.

      4. Create a Infolet with dashboard as detailed section.


      • Federico Samyn Dowie

        Hi Amarnath, 

        I tried your approach before and what I'm getting on the infolet is the message "Object expected: <path to the dashboard>". Both the prompts on the Report and Dashboard Prompt have been created. 



    • Vibha Pandey

      Hi Amarnath,

      The error is very much similar to that provided by Fede.