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    Ram Srinivasan
    Restoring RMAN backup from object storage
    Topic posted July 5, 2019 by Ram SrinivasanRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged DBCS 
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    Restoring RMAN backup from object storage
    Need to restore a RMAN backup in object storage from old DBCS instance

    I had done full backup using RMAN into object storage. That DBCS instance was deleted some time ago. Now I have a new DBCS instance. How do I look for the backup and how do I restore from that backup. If I do restore, can I restore with a new name? 

    I have to resort to this since my dashboard restore of a stand-alone backup is failing repeatedly and there is no meaningful help so far from Support on this. 

    Thanks for the help. 




    • Simon Law

      Hi Ram,

      Can you share the SR number? 


    • Ram Srinivasan

      SR 3-20442563411 

      On that SR, to prove that it is not a one-of-a-kind I repeated the whole process from scratch (meaning Oracle 8i DB) and still ended up with that 'unknown error' restoring from standalone backup. 

      What I am asking with this RMAN is my alternative solution. Thanks. 

    • Simon Law

      Thanks. I have asked Support to take another look at the SR and reach out to you.



    • Ranganath S R

      I check the SR and it seems the Object Storage authentication is failing. Ops thinks that its a password issue.

      That being said, alternative options is

      1 to spin up a new DBCS instance.

      2 Create a File Storage mountpoint.

      3 Mount it on the new DBCS instance.

      4 Download the backup files from Object STorage to File Storage.

      5. Restore using RMAN commands


      • Ram Srinivasan


        Thanks for your reply. Two points to your reply. 

        1. I was creating a new DBCS from the standalone backup. The menu had such an option which is good but it does not work. There was no place for me to provide a Pre-Authenticated Request URL

        2. I see your steps which is more winding. However, please tell me on your step 4 how do I identify the files in object storage corresponding to my backup. They are all chopped up into 100 MB blocks. I have a newly created DBCS. However, it has a database. Can the newly restored database with RMAN have a different name on the same DBCS instance?