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    Routing Strategies > Top down approach
    Topic posted December 9, 2018 by AdamSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Capacity / Quota, Configuration, Resource Management, Routing / Optimization 
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    Routing Strategies > Top down approach
    Routing Strategy among global bucket to Regional Buckets

    Our activities will be created from Sales Cloud. We have resource tree structure as explained in the thread: Please can you guide about best approach about assignment of newly created activities in Field Service? The assignment will be based on a 3digit Region Code. That is we have regional buckets and whenever an activity will be created we will create it in some Global Bucket and after that we will run a routing profile to assign activities to Regional buckets. So when a regional manager will login he will see all the activities for his region which he will manually assign to his team. We are not having routing profiles for resources. Just regional buckets should get the activities.




    • Hardik Gupta

      Hi Adam,

      If you have buckets based on region code then why not directly create the activities in the respective buckets from Sales cloud itself. This would save redundant routing run. 

      Example Activity A - Region Code E11

      Bucket B1 has regions codes (E11 to E19). Directly created Activity A in Bucket B1. This can be achieved via Middle ware or from Sales cloud. I am not sure about your architecture for integration.