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    Dilip Jayachandra
    Capture date and time of the field update
    Topic posted July 11, 2018 by Dilip JayachandraBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
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    Capture date and time of the field update

    Hi All,

    Is there any option where OFS core be able to know the last update date and time of the field in OFS mobility.


    Property field to be entered by the technician everytime there is a change in voltage drop, these values have to be sent to core manage. Say the technician has seen thrice voltage drop then in core manage the admin has to see the field value with value of three voltage drop and the date and time the field is updated.





    • Hardik Gupta

      Hi Madhu/Dilip,


      I would suggest that you should use the "send_request" action type and capture the timestamp from that field.

      You can also create a custom action under Action Management that uses "send_request" as the base action and in that you can add the field for your voltage drop.




    • Dima Buldakov

      You can

      1. use send request to capture the information (time is captured by send request automatically),
      2. then in manual message scenario you can create message that using set_property to add captured information and timestamp into an activity text property,
      3. and finally you can have this property formatted