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    Haydee Mercado
    Is there a way to update/change REPLY To address and Email...
    Topic posted March 20, 2019 by Haydee MercadoBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Approvals/Notifications 
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    Is there a way to update/change REPLY To address and Email Message
    Is there a way to update/change the REPLY To address and Email Message body on the Email being sent for Supplier User Account Inactivation

    Hi Gurus-

    We have this requirements to change the Email Address (From or the Reply To address) and Email Message being sent on the FYI email notification being sent when the attached user account on a supplier being inactivated. 

    Currently what we only see on the Task by a BPM is for the From value we can only assigned/update the Alias but not the actual email address where if the user click Reply it will direct to this newly assign email address specific for this task.

    On the message body the only part that we can see on BPM that somehow will add details on the message is updating the Header Text.

    If you can provide inputs or help us to achieved this requirements we will highly appreciate it.



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    • Hong Gao

      For the notification message body part, you can try the following steps to customize the content:

      - generate the user account inactivated notification through application first.  (This notification usually is available at supplier portal.)

      - log in as an user with the ability to customize pages. You may need to create a dummy supplier and its user and assign internal role such as application implementation consultant role so as to get the ability to do the page customization.  This is used just to perform the one-time implementation.

      - once the notification is received, launch a sandbox to edit pages and open up the notification page.

      - on top of the notification page, there will appear an Edit link.  Click the link allows you to perform page composer customization for this notification page.

      - save the changes and publish the sandbox.

      The change will be reflected in future user account inactivation notifications.



      • Haydee Mercado

        Hi Hong-

        Thanks for the inputs will try to check this. But as per checking this will only possible for the notification received on the application right? not for the Email side.



    • Hong Gao

      Yes, the customization is with the notification page.