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    Robin Johansson
    Which email address was email X sent to?...
    Topic posted November 22, 2017 by Robin Johansson, tagged Email 
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    Which email address was email X sent to? (transaction.description?)

    Hey guys, 

    I am trying to figure out how I can see to which email address a customer has sent an email to. 

    Did he/she sent it to or   and so on. 

    I think that I have an idea --> transactions.description but I am still not sure how exactly to use it. 
    Am I right or is there another string of code that I should use?

    Many Thanks



    • Suresh Thirukoti

      I see that the standard report Incident Audit Log (Report ID: 9041) has the information on how the Email address is retrieved...its a combination of Custom script code which retrieves recipient email address


    • Richard Keevil

      Hi Robin.  I was creating a response for you, but half way through I took a look at the transactions table and to what you were referring.  Can you clarify that you are indeed talking about "customers" and them sending emails to your support team (inbound) rather than your agents sending out responses to your customers (outbound)

      I only ask as transactions.description is showing (amongst several other things) the destination email address to which your agents are sending their responses.  It doesn't show the email address to which your customers are sending their emails.

      The other thing to mention is that your OSvC mailboxes are just that - mailboxes.  They will likely be sitting behind your company domain with perhaps a forwarder from the domain/mailbox to the Oracle Managed Service Mailbox from which OSvC is grabbing the emails.  If a customer sends a support request to rather than, then it will likely be handled by the configuration of your mailserver and will never reach OSvC with the customer potentially receiving an NDR.

      Sounds to me like you may need to dig around your mailserver logs if you are looking for something specific?

      I believe the report Suresh mentions will show you more information in the incident transaction?  But its reliant on the email actually being received in the first place.


    • Robin Johansson

      Hey guys, 

      Thanks for quick answers. 

      I have been going through the community threads for a while now and think I found what I was looking for.  

      So I will use filters with: 



      And then just separate them into different tabs in the report, creating different "mailboxes" within the report, making it easier for the agents to see where the email was sent in the beginning.

    • Danette Beal


      You are awesome! Thanks for keeping us updated on what your doing and what you accomplished! Good stuff. yes

      Danette, Community Manager