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    santhosh xavier
    'Expanded Report Audit Log'
    Topic posted December 26, 2018 by santhosh xavierBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
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    'Expanded Report Audit Log'

    We have upgraded our instance to 18D. I was looking forward to this report 'Expanded Report Audit Log', but currently I am seeing any data in it even though there were activities with various reports in the instance. 

    Anyone else successfully ran this report?






    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      I will first have access to an 18D upgrade site on the 28th so can't really comment on this yet but did find the following configuration setting that might affect your data.


      I'm not sure if this key could be responsible since the default settings is set on 10 days while the expanded audit log seems to purge after a standard 30 days but maybe when set to 0 it may affect the expanded audit log.

      Another explanation could be that this data is delayed.

    • santhosh xavier

      That setting is set at 10. It should show something at least. If there is a delay in the external instance, it should be part of that documentation. Thanks.

    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      I agree. Any delay would most likely be documented. I will definately have a look at it on the 28th as it got me curious :-)
      Maybe someone else with access to 18D will be able to comment on this.

    • Luuk

      I had no change to run the report until now.
      But I confirm that I don't have any data in the report either.

    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      Yeah, the report doesn't work. I tested every action listed

      • Created
      • Forwarded
      • Printed
      • Exported

      None of them show up. As the report can not be copied I checked the definition to see which data table is used which turns out to be ac_audit_log_ex which unfortunately is a hidden table. I have informed Oracle about this issue and linked to your topic.

      I received the following answers from Oracle:

      Hello Sebastiaan,

      Thank you for contacting Oracle Service Cloud Technical Support.

      I understand you are having issues with information not showing for the Report, Expanded Report Audit Log ID:13152.

      For my initial investigation, I viewed the Report on one of our live test sites with the same 18D version as your upgrade site. I then opened up the Expanded Report Audit Log ID:13152. I noticed no data showed for the Report and so I opened up another Report and Exported and Printed the Report. When I went back to the Report in question, I refreshed and no data showed again.

      We are currently investigating the issue further and will update this Service Request once we have more information. In the interim, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to update this Service Request.

      Best Regards,
      Kevin Ripley  | Technical Support Engineer

      Hi Sebastiaan,

      Thank you for your patience.

      To add to my colleague Kevin's response, I was able to reproduce this behavior as well and traced the background actions done by the system when the report is ran.

      In the logs, I have identified some errors related to reading data from CASS (Cloud Auxiliary Storage Service) where the information for the report is stored.

      We will continue investigating the errors and update you once more when more information becomes available.

      Again, thank you for your patience.

      Andrei Soimareanu | Principal Technical Support Engineer

      Please also consider voting for this idea: Make ac_audit_log_ex visible in analytics

      Having hidden tables (especially logs) has never made any sense to me. I don't know who came up with that idea (probably not someone working with analytics him/herself). Let people create the reports they want and make ac_audit_log_ex visible in analytics. I mean what's to hide right? :-)

    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      Aditional update

      Hello Sebastiaan,

      Thank you for your patience while this service request has been escalated to me for review. After looking through the traces, data is not being retrieved from the secondary storage service because the JSON string being passed contains a null value. I have been able to reproduce this in several hosted environments eventhough those services appear to be running normally.

      Therefore, I am submitting this behavior to our product development department to be scoped and corrected. After scoping the fix, Development will schedule the work and determine the target release. The target release depends on the severity of the defect and the significance of the necessary code changes.

      We do not yet have a date on which you can expect a fix but we will update this service request again in the future when the solution has been included in either a new production release or maintenance pack.

      If you have any further questions about this issue in the interim, please feel free to update this service request.

      Bret Mottice | Senior Technical Support BDE Engineer

    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      Just received an update that it should be fixed now.

      Hello Sebastiaan,

      Thank you for your continued patience. There were some back end dependencies for this service that were not enabled in order to populate this data appropriately. I have addressed those items and now am able to pull back data from the storage service via that report as expected.

      I apologize for any inconvenience this may have been. Please feel free to reopen this service request should you have any questions or concerns.

      Bret Mottice | Senior Technical Support BDE Engineer

      I tried the report again (id 13152) and performed the following tests

      • Created
      • Forwarded
      • Printed
      • Exported

      I performed the tests on 2 production sites & 2 test sites and only had it working on 1 production site. The other 3 sites didn't generate any data for me. Maybe someone else here can check if they get any data? I updated the SR informing Oracle on my test results.