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    Anand DN
    Oracle Data Visualization - Customer Service Executive...
    Topic posted November 14, 2017 by Anand DNBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited September 14, 2018 by Hemal KapasiBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, tagged Dashboard, Shared Reports 
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    Oracle Data Visualization - Customer Service Executive Content Pack (Engagement Cloud)
    Pre-built data visualization content targeted at Customer Service VPs, empowering them to perform self-service data analytics for generating insights and for promoting faster decision making

    Introducing – Customer Service Executive Content Pack

    The Customer Service Executive Content pack is a Data Visualization starter kit that enables the user to perform self-service analytics on critical service data. It contains a number of pre-built OTBI analysis templates with rich analytical content that generates insights and also uncovers hidden data patterns. Pre-built connectors to Oracle Engagement Cloud are included in the content pack thereby enabling analytics on actual data. Finally, sample data via Excel files are provided for each analysis for illustration purposes to provide the user with a quick preview of the analytics included in the content pack.

    The following analysis templates are included in the content pack -

    • Overview: Provides the service executive with a snap shot of the overall health of the service organization, calling out exceptions
    • Channel and Issue Analysis: Relates to analysis around the types (categories) of issues that your customers face and the most popular channels of engagement for issue resolution
    • Closure and Compliance: Shows issue closure trends, channels used for issue resolution and the compliance rates across products
    • Customer Review: Focuses on the service issues faced by top customers by open revenue. Brings to light issues that are pending resolution and whether adequate attention is being paid to resolve these
    • Team Performance: provides a comparative picture of team performance on key aspects of service delivery and compliance.



    • Mehrzad Kootar

      Hello Anand 

      These are great visuals and are of super valuable . Is there a possibility to to bring these visuals in one canvas 



    • Anand DN

      Hi Mehrzad,

      Absolutely possible. There were a couple of considerations in distributing the visuals across the canvases that you see: (i) To follow a theme, as one can make out from the names of the canvases and (ii) Avoid clutter, vertical scrolling, etc as this is aimed at an Executive role, so all the more important that one can get to what one is looking for easily and quickly. Hope this helps.

      Please also feel free to reach out to me individually for additional feedback on the content pack.