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    Incentive Compensation - Peer - Peer Manager Ranking By...
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    Incentive Compensation - Peer - Peer Manager Ranking By Transaction Amount Summary
    A manager he himself wants to compare his performance among peers and checks out the outcome. It helps in corrections and taking advisable decisions.

    Business Use Case:

    Subject Areas used – IC Credits Real Time

    Who can use this report (Roles)? - Incentive Compensation Manager/ Sales VP/ Comp Plan Admin

    Most desirable report for a Sales VP, Performance measure always takes a lead in business development.

    A manager he himself wants to compare his performance among peers and checks out the outcome. It helps in corrections and taking advisable decisions.

    Below report gives a peer-peer ranking among the managers based on their performance on making Transaction Amount.

    Ranking has been given Year, Period wise. A compensation manager can himself compare his rank over the periods along with his peers rank.

    Bubble Chart:

    The below bubble chart gives a pictorial info on manager made transaction amount in that period and his rank. Bigger the bubble size (transaction amount) ranks first.

    Detailed reports given next to the visuals show more info on his transaction items.


    All the below dashboards, reports are made based on the Oracle standard diction on formatting and layouts

    Users are allowed to download the .catlog file and make their own customizations.

    How to deploy:

    1. Un-archive “Manager Ranking by Transaction Amount. Catalog” file using any of the user accounts which has the Un-archive privilege
    2. Ensure that you un-archive it under /shared/custom folder to retain the references that the dashboard has to those individual files (else you may correct those again in the dashboard)

    Implementation notes:

    1. The data fetched is for the selected Year by a period. The ranking is given by Period.
    2. On the visuals, you are allowed to see only one year values at a time. A detailed report which is displaying next to visuals will give information for all the Years and Period based on the prompt values selected.