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    Hannah Kehring
    How to End-Date Bank's and Bank Branches
    Topic posted November 6, 2019 by Hannah KehringRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Cash Management, Configuration, Financials, Payables, Security 
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    How to End-Date Bank's and Bank Branches
    How to End-Date Bank Branches

    Business Need:

    1. Need to pay supplier; One Bank was acquired by JP Morgan. I need to update Bank Branches, however there is 1 branch that needs to remain as One Bank and not JP Morgan.

    2. We do need to data cleanse since moving from EBS to the cloud we have a lot of empty bank accounts that have no information stored in them. 

    Any information would be greatly appreciated!



    • Glen Ryen

      Hi Hannah,

      There's not an option for end dating banks and branches in the front end pages, but you can do it via REST API.  And I can confirm those APIs work as intended. is the reference for banks and branches, while MOS note External Bank Account REST APIs(2540702.1) is a good white paper on the corresponding APIs for the external bank accounts.  You will need a tool for calling the REST APIs and some technical experience, though.  And if it's a large volume on the data cleansing, you'll probably also want to look to script the cleansing (and test it out in a cloned environment before PROD).  I'd say that's particularly true if you're looking to 'move' external accounts from one branch to another, before end dating the branch(es) for the acquired bank.  That's a process you'd need to do by inactivating the old account and recreating it under the JPMC branch, re-establishing the link to the payee (and updating open invoice installments if needed).

      Does that help?