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    Nisha Mathew
    Allocations or something else?
    Topic posted May 10, 2018 by Nisha MathewRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Allocations, General Ledger 
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    Allocations or something else?

    We have a requirement where  we get a report of our head count count for each month beginning and end since our HR data is not there in Oracle. Then we take average of these employee count for each dept and use that to divide the total benefits costs and create entries for each costcenter


    Can we use allocation rules to build these entries? If so can anyone explain the steps on how to load the employee count and use that employee count to find the average employee count and use the average to spread the benefit costs across cost center..





    • Natarajan Srinivasan

      create a head account in GL (Account) it should be created as an expense account.

      upload the head count as journal entry as STAT journals for the department. optionally you can reverse the last month statistical journal and enter current month head count journal

      Create benefit cost also as a journal with currency and post

      use allocation rules to total benefit cost and use head count stat journal to divide the total and allocate across cost centers.  There are white papers available on creating allocation journals

    • Federico Samyn Dowie

      Consider the following steps for designing your allocation rule in EPM's Calculation Manager (this is high level):

      1. Select your source, which is the benefit costs to distribute by department (it's recommended to maintain this in a GL account but alternatively you can enter the amount manually when generating the allocation journals)

      2. Indicate the distribution range. ​In your example this could probably be the parent department that contains all the cost centers you want to distribute the cost as children.

      3. Enter your target and offset accounts.  This will be your debit and credit accounts respectively of the generated allocation journal. 

      4. Enter your basis, which is the STAT journal entry with the headcount by department.

      There are a few more options when creating your rule that may be ignored or are self explanatory. Once you have the rule go back to the Journals window and generate the Allocation journals using this rule.

      - Fede.