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    Rajib Pramanik
    Accounting Hub Cloud
    Topic posted February 8, 2018 by Rajib PramanikRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Accounting Hub Cloud Service, Financials, General Ledger 
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    Accounting Hub Cloud
    Accounting Hub Cloud

    Hi Guys,


    I would like to understand is are the products 'Accounting Hub Cloud' & 'Oracle Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud' same ?

    My understanding is 'Oracle Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud' is used in a scenario where we have FAH On Premises & ERP Cloud GL.

    Can you clarify ?







    • Zoë Read

      Hi Rajib,

      No, these products are not the same.

      Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud is an extended reporting tool. It is used where you have an existing accounting system (such as EBS GL) which you want to keep as your system of record. You would use Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud to bring balance information into a Cloud Ledger for more extensive reporting and analysis eg using the Essbase cube for Smart View and FR Reports, using account monitor infolets and sunburst visualizations etc. The data sheet is here:

      Accounting Hub Cloud is a new product available in R13. You would use it when you want to bring transaction data from external systems into a Financials Cloud GL (or alternatively an EBS or PSFT GL if that's the GL you are using) so that all your systems are integrated. In this scenario, Accounting Hub Cloud takes care of the accounting from your source systems, and Cloud GL will be your central accounting system of record (ie the two are used in conjunction with each other). The data sheet is here:

      Regarding your second point, if you already have ERP Cloud GL, you would not need Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud, as ERP Cloud GL also contains all the reporting offerings which this product provides. 

      Very short summary: Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud is for reporting on balances from your existing EBS GL, Accounting Hub Cloud is for integration of transactions from source systems into your Oracle GL. 


      • Migara Hewapathirana

        Hi Zoe, 

        What I noticed is that Oracle Accounting Hub is for Oracle E-Business Suite Customers. Below is a point I picked up from there;

        Fast, simple cloud deployment automatically creates reporting hierarchies and sample reports based on existing accounting setup in Oracle E-Business Suite

        Can you confirm whether this is something applicable for any legacy system client or only for Oracle EBS clients ? 

        Thanks in advance 

      • Veerendra Chava


        The information you have provided is very helpful to me.

        I have queries on below points, Could you please explain ?

        1. Can we integrate the Accounting hub data to EBS GL, If yes, Please share the reference Note for the same

        2. Can we use the Fusion reporting tools with accounting hub offerings

        3. Currently we want to use Fusion Accounting hub as a accounting engine and plan to integrate to the EBS GL , In future if we are implementing the Fusion GL Can we integrate the same to fusion GL.

        Please share the relavent White papers/Noted related to this particular Area.

        Many thanks in advance

        • Zoë Read


          Have you had an opportunity to review the recording of the ERP Cloud Cafe Event we held in 2017 which gives an overview of Accounting Hub Cloud? I think you will find this session very helpful in answering your questions and I would recommend replaying the recording.

          Very briefly: 

          1. Yes Accounting Hub can feed the accounting back to your legacy EBS GL 

          2. Yes, GL reporting tools such as FR Studio, Account Inspector and Smart View are included with Accounting Hub for Financial Reporting, plus you can use the Accounting Hub subject areas to build your own reporting and analysis with OTBI or BI Publisher.

          3. Yes, in the future you can transition to Financials Cloud GL, and accounting hub can support this process. There is more detail about this in the Cloud Cafe session I mentioned above.

          With regards, Zoë

    • Rabi Das


      Is there a way to upload the accounting rules using spread sheet in Accounting Hub Cloud ? Any API/Web Services available for doing this systematically ? We can manually configure in test instance and then migrate using FSM initially. For incremental changes can we use any web service/API to automate this with an excel user interface like FBDI?

      Appreciate any experience/feedback.


    • Veerendra Chava

      Can anyone  please share the activity guide for FAH