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    Nirmal Kumar
    Outbound from EBS to OIC
    Topic posted January 8, 2019 by Nirmal KumarRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Adapters, Agent, Cloud, Connection, E-Business Suite, ERP Cloud, Events, Integration, REST, SOAP, Web Services 
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    Outbound from EBS to OIC
    Outbound from EBS to OIC

    Hi All,

    When outbound interface happens from EBS to OIC, does/should the traffic from EBS go directly to OIC through proxy server without involving OIC agent?

    Or both inbound and outbound traffics must go via OIC agent only?

    Please provide clarification.




    OIC version



    • Nagireddy Tadi

      Hi Nirmal,

      Outbound call from EBS to OIC is a direct call through proxy server.    OIC Agent will not come into picture for this use case.

      • Nirmal Kumar

        Thanks Nagireddy.

        But the customer may not be interested to open ports for EBS.

        Is there any other work around available? Please help.




        • Nagireddy Tadi

          hi Nirmal,

          Why do we need to open ports in EBS?   OIC endpoint is publicly accessible . You can invoke this endpoint from EBS system via proxy.

    • Ankur Jain

      Hi Nirmal,

      Since OIC is accessible over the public internet, so no port opening is required.



    • Nirmal Kumar

      Thanks All for suggestions.

      I pinged OIC instance from EBS application server but did not succeed.

      May be while-listing of OIC URL is required to reach OIC




      • Ryan O'Hare

        Hi Nirmal:

        What is the method that EBS is attempting to call an OIC service? And EBS is starting this transaction from a concurrent job or something similar?

        Your application server probably does require some whitelisting for OIC in order for it to reach. Not knowing your specific setup, but that is common. But on the OIC side, as long as the proper credentials are passed it should be reachable.