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    Prashant Singh Bhadauria
    Update a custom property via set_property Message scenario
    Topic posted January 2, 2019 by Prashant Singh BhadauriaGold Medal: 3,500+ Points 
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    Update a custom property via set_property Message scenario
    Updating the custom property which the change in Status of the Property

    Hello Experts,

    I am currently trying to update the set_property and are currently facing error as the wrong configuration.

    Can someone share the correct format to update the system property and customer property via Message scenario?

    We are currently following the below steps for updation:

    1. Adding the Trigger: Not Done as per our current scenario.

    2. In Setting adding the Delivery Channel as Set Property.

    3. Adding the updated value of the property in the Patterns.

    For example: 

    Message Body :



    Do let us know what should is the property methodology of updating the property via Message Scenario



    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Hi Prashant,

      I also curious about this, because the documentation isn't has examples. Can you try with the below format?

      <f n="appt_number">12432</f>


    • Mikhail Arzamastsev

      Hi Prashant,

      You need to create a message step with the Set Property type and customize Patterns. I've attached screenshots with possible configuration parameters.

      There are several options to customize Patterns. You can set a specific value to a property or you can assign the value of the system property to the custom one. You can check a screenshot with an example.

      PS: Placeholders can be found here:

      Kind regards,





      5.png (5KB)
    • Mikhail Arzamastsev
    • Antonio Carmona


      In this example you can see how to set appt_number with the value of activityId

      Hope can help.


    • Rene Sepulveda

      Hi Zsolt, I tell you to check the links you sent me and I repeated the case according to what was indicated, however, the value is not created on the property.

      I attach backup images ..

      Rut_Tecnico property corresponds to the Activity entity
      External_id property corresponds to the Resource entity

      I have executed assignment of activity to resource in the message scenario that I have defined, however, it still does not update the Rut_Technico property from the External_ID property

      What am I doing wrong..??

      • Zsolt Tolgyesi

        Sorry, but it's can means my idea isn't works. You can try it with custom_activity_property against an activity related fixed field to check if the issue is related to the type mismatch or the message format isn't correct in your case.

    • Rene Sepulveda

      Ok, thank you very much for the help, I will keep checking to find the solution .. !!


    • Hardik Gupta

      Hi Rene,

      Is your scenario to udpate the custom property Rut_Technicio with the External ID of the technician to which the activity is assigned?

      If Yes, then the message Scenario body will be {destination_resource_external_id}.