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    Shivam Upadhyay
    How to create category automatically and assign item based...
    Topic posted November 18, 2019 by Shivam UpadhyayBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Product Commercialization, Product Hub 
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    How to create category automatically and assign item based on item attributes.
    analyze the item attribute then create category and assign item to it.

    Hi All,

    We have a requirement where a customer needs to create leaf level category and assign item to it though item EFF attribute information.


    On item 

    Item  --- A


    User selects below attributes for Catalog and Leaf Level Category.

    Catalog Name -----> Power Catalog 

    Leaf Level Category ---> Bucket 


    If Category exists the item will get assigned ( This is achievable ) and

    if not exist then system should create it and assign the item. ------> seeking help on this part.


    Please let me know if this is possible within PDH.











    • Praveen Cheripelli

      Hi Shivam, 


      Have you tried using Manage Item Rule Sets in PIM.



      • Shivam Upadhyay

        Hey Praveen,

        Through Item rules we are only able to assign items to existing category. We can not create a new one from there.


        What we are looking is a way by which we can create the category and assign item to it.





    • Steven Cascio

      PDH rules only let you assign items to existing categories based on the time you wrote the rule, not to a catalog that is dynamically created within the rule.