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    David Cesteros
    Dependent Value Set for different segments for Purchasing...
    Topic posted September 4, 2017 by David CesterosRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Dependent Value Set for different segments for Purchasing categories
    he requirement is: The first value set is ‘Independent’, the second one depends of the first one, and the third one depends of the second one

    Our client wants to create for purchasing an item category structure of 3 segments
    We need to create 3 value sets
    The requirement is: The first value set is ‘Independent’, the second one depends of the first one, and the third one depends of the second one

    This is the structure of the segments (is in spanish)
    ‘Categoria compras’ segment depends of ‘Grupo de Compras’ segment
    ‘SubCategoria compras’ segment depends of ‘Categoria compras’

    The problem is that it seems is not posible to create that structure, because is not posible to assign a Dependent value to other Dependent value, it must be ‘Independent’

    Anyone can confirm if Oracle allows that structure?



    • Bas van Gameren

      Hi David, 

      I presume you're referring here to the purchasing categories, if not: please ignore my reply :-)

      Oracle recommends using the purchasing category hierarchy, rather than setting up multiple flexfield segments.
      The hierarchy can be leveraged in reporting, transaction account building as well as in approvals.

      Is this something you considered? If this does not suit your needs, I am eager to learn the use case you're facing.

      Kind regards,

      • David Cesteros

        Hi Bas,


        Thanks for your response.


        I´m referring to the purchase categories..

        The way that I found was using segments via key flexfields assigned to Catalogs. In fact, for our DEV instance I setup in this way but only for 1 segment and is working as expected

        Now our client change the requirements and want to use 3 segments, some segments are dependent of other segments

        We only are implemented Purchasing. We are not using Self service procurement or requisitions

        If you know a best way to match our requirments please let me know


        Where we can defined purchasing category hierarchy? I used 'Catalogs' for definining purchasing categories




    • Ivan Pena

      Hi David,

      The item category flexfield is no longer supported from Rel. 12 onwards.




      • David Cesteros

        Thanks for your reponse

        I already aware about that. Oracle Support informed about that some days ago.


        Ivan, do you know how Oracle send all setup done in R11 to R12?

        I mean, if we have setup in R11   3 segments  via category flexfields and some segments are dependent, how is setup this in R11?

        Is  there any way to create a purchasing hierachy in R12 for purchasing category?


        Thanks for your help



    • Steven Cascio

      The question I have, what is the KFF Segment information for a category used for?  For example we have seen this use cases:

      1. The KFF segments are used to specify a category hierarchy or taxonomy. ea: UNSPC classification: Office Equipment and Accessories->Office Supplies->Writing instruments->Pen or pencil set 

      2. The KFF segments are used for reporting. The KFF segment values are exposed in a reporting tools such as OTBI to created reports for different business processes

      3. The KFF segments are used for integrations with other applications where the segment values are used to process data in other applications. For example integration with external applications using BIP queries.

      4. The KFF segments are used in rules that drive cost management or accounting by references the values of segments in the rule that is written.

      Based on the the usage of the segment values we have several possible solutions.  For example, Use Case #1 above  a category hierarchy for a catalog would provide this through parent child relationships.Current rules for the configuration of the Purchasing functional area catalog prohibit category hierarchy. If the use case is for integration or is used driving rules, then shifting the KFF segments definition to DFF segment definition would support some of the use cases.

    • Bas van Gameren

      Hi Steven, 


      To my understanding the KFF segment information is no longer used - a one segment flexfield is all that remains.
      The use cases you describe are supported by setting up the category hierarchy:

      • Reporting: hierarchy is available in OTBI
      • Integration: hierarchy is available in OTBI > BIP
      • Accounting: hierarchy is available in Transaction Account Builder (+ you now are able to define rules at a higher lever rather than only at the individual category level)

      Maybe I misinterpreted your last post, but as far as I can tell, all the above should be supported by the hierarchy.



      • Steven Cascio

        We are talking about two different hierarchies for categories. PIM defines one for their catalogs and Purchasing define one for their catalog, both are exposed in the reporting infrastructure.

        What I was referring to is that some customers are using the KFF segment definition to drive accounting and cost management, in these cases the hierarchy may not work.

    • Bas van Gameren


      To answer your question posted earlier: " Is  there any way to create a purchasing hierachy in R12 for purchasing category? "

      Please see attached file with the basic steps for setting up a purchasing category hierarchy, hope this helps!


      • David Cesteros

        Thanks Bas for your response

        I think is exactly what our client want

        If we follow the example that you send me:

        When you enter a Purchase order, which value was entered in the Category field? Office Supplies/Cleaning Supplies/Paper Towels or Paper Towels  (the child value)?

        In our case our client would like to enter the 3 segments (Office Supplies/Cleaning Supplies/Paper Towels). I think with KFF  we can manage this situation defining that 3 segments as different value sets.

        But now with R12 this possibility was disable


        Other question, in your example, in Manage Catalogs task. do you defined only the child values of the hierarchy or also you defined the parent value?

        I think the parent values are only defined when you defined the hierarchy in 'Manage Procurement Category Hierarchy 'Task

        Could you confirm that?







      • Steven Cascio

        Please note that in R12, the task to manage the Purchasing functional area catalog has been changed to "Manage Functional Area Catalogs". The Manage Catalogs task in FSM has been removed and now the user can manage the Purchasing functional area catalog from the "Manage Functional Area Catalogs" task.

    • Bas van Gameren

      Hi David, 

      On the purchasing documents you enter "Paper Towels" - the "child value".

      I do not understand why your customer want to enter segment 1 and 2 as well, when they can directly enter the final category?
      Can you please elaborate on this a bit more?
      I do understand they would like to "travel" the purchasing category hierarchy to arrive at the right category to select (if I remember well this is already an idea posted here).

      I can confirm your last statement, please see attached document for some more details on the setup of the categories used in the hierarchy (you call them parent and child values).

      Hope this helps!



      • David Cesteros

        Hi Bas

        Thanks for you clarifications.

        Then as I understand your proposal,

        When you have a purchasing category the best way is created a catalog, in that catalog only child values are defined. That child values are the values used in the purchasing category when you create  a Purchase Order.

        As you defined the Procurement Category Hierarchy, with all hierachy tree, you use that tree for reporting purposes

        I can explain that proposal to our client, althogh I think they prefere to enter all segments when they create the Purchase Order

        The problem could be what happen if we setup KFF for R11 (currently our PROD instance carry on in R11) when all that segments are migrated to R12. Do you know how Oracle migrate this to R12?


        Thanks again for your help


        • Bas van Gameren

          Hi David, 

          I do not know how the upgrade process from R11 to R12 will impact the KFF setup.

          But even today in R11, the PO category selected in Purchasing documents is the category right? Not the individual KFF segments that were referenced during the category definition - hence, I do not understand they prefer to enter the three individual segments, as this is also not the case in R11?



          • David Cesteros

            Hi Bas

            Sorry, I was on holidays and I was not able to reply.

            We have a demo instance, last week we were in R11 and now we are in R12, I was a quick check in Categories and although change the way of setup I think not have a big impact.

            I will dicuss with my client this during this week the way of working to see if change something

            Thanks for you help