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    nozomu oh
    how do lagged causal factors in the ‘Lag Decomposition G...
    Topic posted May 13, 2019 by nozomu oh, tagged Demand Management Cloud, How-to, Tip 
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    how do lagged causal factors in the ‘Lag Decomposition Group’ decomposition group work?


    I saw some lagged causal factors are defined in 'Lag Decomposition Group' in some forecast profiles in Demand Management.

    Is there any whitepaper with regard to how the causal factor data is populated?


    Are those causal factors populated by engine to show coefficient lagged demand and forecast?


    Thank You


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    • Prashul Agrawal

      Hi Nozomu,

      You can refer to whitepaper: ANALYTICAL METHODS (FORECASTING METHODS) (july 2018). It lists various forecasting methods that use these lag causal factors.

      Also the causal factors are to be uploaded using causalfactors.csv template, they are not populated by the demand engine.

    • nozomu oh

      Thank you for the prompt response with regarding to my question of lag causal factor.
      I looked at oracle white paper. It is not clear to me if the lag is populated in the pass and future the same as how holiday is populated or this causal factor value has to be uploaded through File base interface.
      if it is like a measure and the value is populated by engine. what if forecast is generated by a combination of multiple model. How do I know which models use the causal factors?
      Thank You

    • Prashul Agrawal


      In my opinion this should be popualted in past and future through FBDI, please raise SR to confirm.

      You can know which causal factors have been used by running demand plan by checking below option: