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    p pstclair
    Payables Invoice Line Distribution Account
    Topic posted November 20, 2018 by p pstclairRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Financials, Payables 
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    Payables Invoice Line Distribution Account
    Update account on invoice line doesn't update the distribution


    Create Payables Invoice

    Create Invoice Line with distribution combination assigned

    Save invoice.  Do not validate it.

    Change the distribution combination on the invoice line.

    Select Distributions button to manage the distributions.  Expect the distribution combination to reflect the UPDATED value from the line.  It does not.  The distribution still shows the ORIGINAL distribution combination from the invoice line, not the updated value.

    My users are telling me this is a change.  They are stating they didn't used to have to update it on the Manage Distributions form.  They used to update the line and save the change and it automatically updated the distribution. 

    We recently applied Update 18C.

    I can't find any information in MOS about whether this behavior changed and if this is working as expected or not.

    Does anyone have any information on this?






    • alok

      As far as i've seen, It was same behavior in 18B and earlier versions. It is not a change due to 18C. But if users have observed different behavior in your POD before 18C then you may want to double check by logging SR in MOS.



    • Prithis Das

      The Distribution Combination, if updated on the Line level before validation, should be updated at the Distribution level automatically. The key thing here is "BEFORE VALIDATION", and before the Distribution Combination field is grayed out. The users are correct on this point.

      So if this has changed in 18c, you should open a SR with Oracle.

    • p pstclair

      Hi Prithis,

      Do you happen to have any documentation that supports the behavior you mentioned?  Perhaps an MOS Note?

      I have logged an SR, and the analyst responded with:

      This is the intended functionality.  Please see Oracle Docs Using Payables Invoice to Pay: Changing Invoice Distributions.

      "Changing the distribution combination on the Manage Distributions page does not change the distribution combination on an invoice line. The distribution combination on an invoice line provides a default value for the Manage Distributions page."


      They misunderstood that we are changing the distribution on the invoice line, and expecting it to update the distribution.  Not the other way around.  Also - our invoice is in Never Validated state, so your explanation above meets our scenario.

      I have provided further explanation to her, but haven't received a response yet.  I'll provide an update to the SR with your comments.



    • Prithis Das

      I do not have a MOS note number. However, I tested this in my 13.18.05 instance before I posted my comment. It behaved the way I mentioned - when I changed the distribution combination on the Invoice line after saving but before validation, it updated the distribution combination in the Manage Distributions window.

      Oracle Support does seem to have mis-understood the issue.


    • Becky Alvarez

      I double checked with the Product Manager as I too have never been able to change the distribution lines after saving the invoice.  The intended functionality is that once the invoice is saved, any changes to the account string on the invoice line must also be manually updated on the invoice distributions under Manage Distributions.  I cannot explain why you were experiencing a different result but it has always functioned that way for me and is the intended functionality per the AP Product Manager.   Hope this helps.

    • Prithis Das

      This is the behavior that I am seeing in my Test pod:

      If I enter a Distribution Combination on the Line, but do NOT open the Manage Distribution window, click the Save and Close button, and re-open the invoice, the Line is still editable in terms of the Distribution Combination.

      If I enter a Distribution Combination on the Line, then open the Manage Distribution window by clicking on the Distributions button, and close the Manage Distributions window by clicking on the Cancel button without making any changes, the Distribution Combination on the Line gets grayed out.

      So it is the act of opening the Manage Distributions window that freezes the Distribution Combination on the Line. Any changes to the Distribution would now need to be done in the Manage Distributions window, and these changes will not affect the frozen Distributions Combination on the Line.

    • p pstclair

      I also performed another test similar to the scenario Prithis provided above and observe the behavior he has outlined.

      It seems that once the Distributions form is opened, or invoice validation is run, the distributions are generated and any GL account changes must be made to both the invoice line and the line distribution.  But if the account is changed on the invoice line PRIOR to opening the Distributions form or running invoice validation, the change is carried from the line to the distribution and doesn't need to be made in both places.

      Thanks so much for everyone's help.  It seems like the system is behaving as intended.