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    Cathy Cowan
    How to sort columns in standard Grid Widget
    Topic posted January 10, 2019 by Cathy CowanGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
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    How to sort columns in standard Grid Widget

    Been working on migrating our Customer Portal framework to CP 3.5 from CP 2, and have had to change from Grid2 to Grid standard widget and the Column sort seems to not be working anymore. Is there some code I can put into the page view to enable sorting or will I need to extend the Grid widget solely to get the columns to allow sorting? 

    As you can see in the image clicking on the column header currently just selects the text.

    Grid V 1.4 (CP 3.5)
    Code Snippet:



    • Cathy Cowan


    • Daniel Rocha

      I don't know much about the process of upgrading from version 2 to 3.x but according to the widget documentation, the sorting should happen automatically. And the info.yml lists the datatable-sort module as a requirement to this widget. Can you check in some way if this dependencie is being loaded or show what errors it throws at you?

    • Cathy Cowan

      Have done quite a lot of testing of this and discovered it is working with compatibility mode off, the sort is only not working when this setting is on.