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    Update 19C Feature: Search by Supplier or Item
    Topic posted July 21, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited August 21, 2019, tagged How-To, Requisition Processing 
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    Update 19C Feature: Search by Supplier or Item
    How to search for requisitions using a supplier or an item

    Customers / Support

    This has been one of the top requested enhancements from customers - the ability to search for requisitions using a supplier or an item.

    In Update 19C, we introduce the feature that provides this capability as part of the Manage Requisitions search functionality.

    How it works:

    1. At least one is required: The at least one is required set of attributes for Manage Requisitions has been enhanced to add Supplier and Item. Users can now search providing one of these attributes:

    a) Entered By

    b) Requisition

    c) Supplier

    d) Item

    2. Use a combination of Supplier and Item as well for more refined results

    3. You will notice we have also added the attribute Created in the Simple Search panel. If searching by a supplier or an item is going to retrieve historical records that you are not interested in, then use the Created attribute to filter the results further. For instance use Last 60 days to refine the results to very recent requisitions

    4. If you want to search for results say for more specific timelines (the last year, last 2 years etc.), use the Creation Date sort on the Search Results table to search using Any time and sort the results in descending order. You can then easily export the results to Excel to refine the results to the desired time frame.

    The Manage Requisitions page is one of tactical and operational utility and so we have provided options for the search attribute Created on that basis to be shorter periods of time. 

    5. The supplier and items fields are enabled with the auto-suggest (similar to several other LOV fields) feature. This helps you to quickly find a supplier or item. You start typing the first 3 characters or keep typing to narrow the results as quickly as possible

    6. Remember, when you search for a supplier, the system returns all requisitions in which at least one line contains that supplier. Supplier is an attribute that is available at a requisition line and not header because one requisition can contain multiple lines which may be sourced from different suppliers. You have to drill down into the requisition to view the specific lines where this supplier is a match if you have a reason to

    7. Tips and Considerations:

    • If the results of your search will exceed a count of 5,000, the system will display a maximum of 5,000 randomly selected results. This can be identified by the randomness of the creation dates of the returned results. You can then use the same Creation Date sort to sort the results to your preference
    • One way to prevent the above behavior and/or ensure the returned results contains the requisition(s) you are interested in, is to limit your search results by specifying a value for the "Created" search attribute. For example, you could limit your search to requisitions created in the "Last 7 days", "Last 30 days", etc

    8. Supplier not a Search Result column:

    I am adding this observation here as well based on posts and feedback around this. The Supplier being a line level attribute, we do not display a search result column for the same in the Manage Requisitions table. The primary reason is that the requisition may potentially contain multiple lines with different supplier associations. The design thought then was whether that would serve any useful purpose in displaying something like 'Multiple' in the search results column which the user then has to click to view more detail. The design currently does not provide for a line level search on requisitions as this has not been a basic customer need in terms of Requisition search. If that is designed, then we would probably design this as well.




    • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

      Hi Ashok,

      This feature will be very helpful .. long awaited enhancement smiley. Thanks for detailing this functionality.

      - Ramesh

    • Gopalakrishna Bulasala

      Good feature. Thank you.

    • Nishanth B Jain

      Great !!


      This is good enhancement. Quick question: Is Item# can search based on supplier item# also or only internal item#




    • Ashok

      Hi Manish

      This searches enables searching using master items, not supplier item numbers.

    • Andy Cleary

      Hi Ashok

      This is a very welcome addition. Thank you

      Are there any future plans to add 'Supplier' as an additional column in Manage Requisitions to display the supplier name without having to drill down to the requisition to see it?  I understand if there are multiple suppliers per requisition you would need to display 'Multiple' or similar as is currently the case with the PO number column where there are multiples POs for the requisition.

      Kind regards







    • Ashok

      No plans at this time Andy. But we recently discussed this with another customer. I will try to find that link and provide here.

      Here is the post I was referring to:

      NOTE: Be sure to click 2 at the bottom to navigate to the second page where most of this discussion is